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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Benefits of Feline Powers of Observation

Hello MY Darlings!

(Haughty smile)As you know there are benefits to OBSERVATION,
when it comes to YOUR humans!

They as a species are quite interesting to say a few, although fairly intelligent you can outwit and out manoeuvre them quite easily.
Dr. Jane Goodall and Chimpanzee
There has always been a scientific interest both  human observing and animals and vise-verse.   One of my favorite Diva is Dr. Jane Goodall, I like her style very much and she has taught me a lot over the years.

Cheshire Cat
My human is very clever and at food time; I always have to come up with interesting ways to GET HER ATTENTION.  I want MY FOOD I will be determined to get it!  As with any strategy in hunting, corralling is important.  Pick up spot  make eye contact, sit and wait - (WATCH and OBSERVE).  Look for the visual cues: a) body language, b) positioning c) eye contact and d) motion.   The human muscles in the mouth are very similar to felines and canines.  It has been said that cats often smile like a human (LOL  like a big Cheshire cat) lets hope they remember to put there dentures in in the morning it could be VERY SCARY!

Your human will: a) guard their food b) turn their body position away from you (watch their mouth) continuing to ignore you as she does me. Then I muster a theatrical loud primal scream (MEOW). She might jump out of their skin (ha ha) and look back...MEOW . Watch carefully.... they drop their food! Engage in the 'grab and run' and hide yourself under your chair.  Unless she likes hitting her is unlikely go any further..leaving you alone IN PEACE! Devouring the spoils.

Mission accomplished DARLINGS!  If you have any observations, simply let me know.Its all about the LEARNING CURVE...and how we can accomplish this TOGETHER .

Ciao MY darlings........................


  1. Welcome our latest Diva, Virginia! Lovely to have you aboard. Have a purr filled day. :)

  2. I'm not letting my dogs anywhere near this blog today. They don't need anymore ideas like that. ;-)

    1. Dear Esther. Knowing how intelligent your dogs are -- I expect they read the blog before you did :) Diva

  3. You too, Diva! Love your posts!

  4. Dear Nina: How delightful to her from you!
    Thank you for your kind comments, we love to share and changing the world for a better place.