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Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday Advice: Room mates 4

Reflective Diva!
Hello MY Darlings:

The interest in room mates, continues to create a strong following.

Personalities often play out, weaving in and out like a ball of string trying to be unraveled!  It's enough to make you shake your head and whiskers!!
"A" type feline personality

Take the other day, it was normal in the kingdom, everyone was getting along (the strong personalities were behaving themselves - for once).
Optics 101

A certain male knight was exhibiting restlessness (pacing, running around the room, frolicking like a drunk foal with springtime fever).

You've got to be kidding!

His body language reveled all, head down, watching his target, prancing and poking at the ME.  "Do you want to play, do ya, do ya, come on, come on...catch me, catch me....I'm just seeing how I can tease you............".

The Royal Hiss shatters the airwaves

(With a deadpan expression)

Are you ignoring me.....OK I'll poke you and sniff you....see how you like it, I'm teasing you - do you know it, do ya"
I've got you under MY Spell

I think he's always acts silly (attention seeking behavior a.s.b.) around dinner time.  A rumbling stirs from within...the Royal hiss of warning...(eyes rolling  to the ceiling --what is it with this guy, didn't he get enough mice last night on the hunting patrol)?

In defense mode, blazing MY front claws...flat and square showing MY authority. Revealing, my talons like a hawk. Eyes pierced the morning light.. glaring as a fire breathing dragon, "are you ready for me darling, are you, can you take it can you".  The Royal hiss shattering the airwaves, he jumped as a scolded cat..... on all three. (Muttering he echoes.)  I'd rather concede than fight. 
Feline relationships 101

Before personalities clash like a tambourine's, getting out hand. I grab my trusty 'water pistol' changing the optics. "Come closer, closer, that's it....I see your golden eyes.......(the spray bottle spewing out an umbrella of cold water) stunning the rivalled opponent knocking Mr. Knight off his horse!!

He asked for it - -great spray bottle - lol
OK I did pinch his food, once.

He runs was down the hall across the moat muttering in dulcet tones growling

Whaaaat happened!!
 (Stunned, bewildered) "Oh my gosh, what nerve...she did that to meeee. I love to tease you like a BIG brother".

I'll be  BACK
Cats hate getting their face wet.....especially if by surprise.  (Diva laughing....) Not as effective as the pie in the face but close) LOL!    (Wry smile) 'You haven't seen the last of me YET'.

The last word is MINE
  (Haughty grin...) The last word is MINE. Remember --Sr. Knight, I have the ace in my paws.

My gamekeeper knows all the mice hideouts, I maintain supply and demand list.

Darlings, remember to stay true to your OWN voice, always demand respect! Have fun and play fair!!! :)

¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´(¸.• (¸.•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸.♥^,,^  follow the Diva.......

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slipping Sliding into Saturday's

Hello MY Darlings!

Are you reading for the weekend -- I bet you are....

I have been waiting all WEEK - LOL!

For me (and I suspect humans too, its the culmination of anticipation of things to come), metaphorically the sliding into third base with a different agenda! (Daydreaming smile)
Ah yes: M I L K !
The choosing of a ice-cream after a hot ride in the car, the waking of that first morning of your holiday, the smell of a new book. These are some of the things humans enjoy..I prefer, fresh salmon caught after my paws have been in the water (looking almost like dried prunes ...lets not go there -- ha ha); the dish of fresh milk that you have been waiting for while coffee sings waking up the world
smell of fresh brewing coffee, (you look with a glaze of intensity that melts your human into submission).          
It works for ME!
Sleeping IN

The pace of life slows down on Saturdays, like sleeping in (Do not disturb) well that is what I've observed...the optics shift to a slower pace like the wain breeze caught wrapping around a waving flag, playful and carefree! Even life .in the kingdom has it's own feel!

Unless there is a big Soiree or our friend Messr. Toulouse surprises is with a surprise's time to chill and relax!
Toulouse sets the pace!
Saturday and Sunday are the fresh journal, crisp clean a canvas awaiting the work of the pen skipping gleefully across the page. There is an old expression "A change is as good as a rest"..
Easing into the Weekend
a fresh wind brings excitement to the weekend.  Life is all about the important things that matter, (leave the agendas behind, deadline, demands, now we PLAY)!

(catch a few mice, chat with friends, socialize or simply have fun).  Shifting gears is good for the mind and soul.  I often have to do this with my writing ...PURSPECTIVE is a good thing!

New friends give us PURSPECTIVE
T.G.I.F: A very smart human came up with this acronym...I spoke about this in my "Weekly Advice blog" recently. 

After it's all about your life to the fullest, keep happy and remember the importance of friends.  They are a gift....

Have fun...............

Well MY darlings, enjoy your weekend......Ciao until next time!