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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall is Finally Here! Newsletter October 2016

Cali glad to be the COOLest Cat!

Well, it was a Purfect....summer.....although I must say
I was fortunate to find my favorite spot has 'air conditioning'.   My human even chills a tea towel in the fridge for a few moments ( I have her trained already - smiling) .  I hear even dogs how have a body vest that you immerse in cold water, then it keeps them cool!
 Mind you it would have to be 'Vogue' or no Vogue for me..if you get my meaning! Or is it this "Diva wears ONLY PRADA" LOL   Have you ever tried to catch mice wearing a fur coat...when it's 90 degrees!!

Oh it's too hot to I won't
I had my human running right and left, while I sat looking at the gulls getting exhausted flying around... I guess diving into bird baths with ice cubes would be too much of a shock......LOL.

You know the best place to chill is the bathtub.....I leave a couple of ping - pong balls there at I can make a racket in the middle of the night. LOL
Laughter or yawning....well you be the judge...LOL

Hot off the CAT NEWS PRESS:

I just heard about one of my favorite shops having a purfect deal on shipping.......

All Tuesday's in October are free express shipping.

I think I will go over and find out more....

how about you.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my humans, furry friends!

Now for a cat nap.....
Dreaming of Take out Dinner........

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