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Monday, March 15, 2021

Calico in Covid Times - Newsletter Spring 2021


Hi Everyone!  I have been a little pre-occupied with Covid times as has my human pet parent!!!  

It certainly is lovely to have her home more often, so I can take advantage of the extra care and attention, the pampering, she is always at my beck-and-call.πŸ’œπŸ’Ÿ

I certainly to feel like Queen these days!!!!πŸ’œπŸ‚½πŸ‚½

She will even grow cat grass for me, each morning, I jump onto the windowsill on my vet's fleece (it is so cozy...and wait for the sunshine to creep around. 

To bring in the bright sun!  It wonderful to take your time to wash your face and get those whiskers all shinny and clean!   

Cat grass takes time to germinate (geez), those funny looking oat grass in the black soil.  I've been told not poke or disturb's just too tempting....(LOL)πŸ˜‹.  She waters it every three days, and I look for the little sprouts to appear.....sooner or later little green soots poke up. Then they become junior blades of grass (I tell her no she can't have any, for her human salad LOL).   

I actually had a visitor in the window ledge outside, a  (delicious looking) beautiful pigeon with grey body and pink markings.  Luckily she didn't see I stalked her through the glass windowpane. When she wasn't looking I would creep behind her and pounce with my big baseball paws.  Maine Coon cats have them, so it's been a valuable asset to have.  To my dismay, she flew off out of harm's way...I expect she will be back though as they also like to glean in the afternoon sun!  

Well, in these Covid times, I've been doing a lot of sleeping, playing with catnip mice, dreaming about stories to write on my blog post.  Chasing my human, sleeping on my new flannel shirt (believe me you don't want to share of move so cozy). Inspecting the dwelling where I live in the morning and before bedtime.   Yep they call me "Miss Sherlock".   (My pet parent has been reading a truly 'thrilling book, that as she says like being on a roller coaster of suspense called "Secret Sky" by J.P. Mclean - Author, a great Canadian ....check it out)!   I've often caught my pet after midnight reading, then my breakfast is really late!

Living in a busy urban city, there is lots to see and do...we have mechanical cranes in the distance, not the ones that I prefer that fly and might make a nice stew!  I'll have to speak to my cat mum about that! 

I'm a Calico Red Patch-Tabby, with infusions Calico white big tummy and white socks and paws, and a sprinkle of Maine Coon for good measure.

My new human friend Kris told me about I am likely to be a red patch tabby, as she operates  a cat rescue organization.   So much fun to learn about cat-gen-etics!! 

What are your cats doing?  Better check?  Do visit us again, for more Calico cat stories

Be cat savvy wear a mask and safe distance! 😷

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Meow.....seee you around the next Cats Corner!!!πŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ€—πŸ€—

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cali's Corner - Spring 2019 - Facial Expressions ^..^!

Cat-itude of Self Expression
Got your attention yet.

Did you know cat's can employ human expressions better than dogs?

Yes, cats really do have facial expressions, if you are a cat owner you have likely seen this. 
Selective listening!

In my young 5 years, I have become quite observant of my pet parent.  Oh she will try to hid the camera, or iPhone, I simply employ of manipulation, selective listening.  Did you know that cats ears have 32 muscles that can make each ear work independently!  I turn back employing twitching of ears. My humans taps fingers incessantly, gibberish, scowling which I mirror back LOL! I curl up and go to sleep!

I'm getting bored or laughing at you!
Sometimes I will give my pet parent an attitude expression just to let her know how I feel.  I often watch my parent so I can capture her mood or attitude.

More expressions later.........

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Summer Fun That Keeps on Giving and 101 Kitten Training- Aug 11, 2018

πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰Hi Everyone:  I'm back from "CAT SABATICAL"
full of energy, phew it has been a hot summer here and across Canada, have you felt it, LOL.  I am very clever to jump out of the sun's rays at noon, scooting  over toward the air-conditioning! My soft fur blowing in the gentle breeze....ah bliss. I'm the perfect fit on the floor which means, I don't have to share with my human or my companion "Boppy".  I'll introduce you later.   Let me tell you about training 101 in a bit.  My human is relegated to the settee only LOL (yep I can train them too) LOL! 

 πŸ˜ I've manipulated my 'human' to have a 'cat zone' in every room, which is wonderful just for me! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ.  I can lounge, sit, groom at my hearts content.  I have taken over: The office chair, the living room with tent, the under the window storage bench, the chair under the dining room  table, the window sill..complete with a nice layer of cozy (not that my human is small enough to sit or use any Yoga pose to balance effectively on the window sill - LOL)!  Oh yeah, the filing cabinet has 2 layers of flannel nightgowns (I stole that from my human, shes not likely to wear that with cat hair as she's NOT a CAT)!
My human lives here "THIS IS MY CAT-A-BODE"

I can be grooming and have one eye and ears focused on the baby birds flying to their nest, my reflexes are that good as you know! 

Here I love to 'natter' at the birds and stress them out. LOLπŸ˜‹
Tinned food is great as is dry food, cause I get the best...but 'fresh meat' is always a luxury in an urban dwelling! 😏
I'd like to introduce you to my 'roommate' we have been 'best buds' or 'BFF' since I was 4 months old.  We romp and play, I chase, grab her buy the paw when she's not looking, play fight and teach her what it is to be a kitten.  She must be a 'chip of the old cat block', cause she is stubborn, has selective listening, ignores me, and disappears until I sniff her out of hiding places....she's often under the sofa like I was!  πŸ˜”πŸ™Œ
Cat play all day with 'Roomy'
 My roomy has started to take on my some of my personality, sometimes I have to tap her on the face, just to make sure. LOL (Anyone home)! 

I call these photo's home along cause we were, LOL😍😁.

she's sleeping
No MORE Kitten Stories ...
Go to sleep!!

A moment of Solitude!! 
Finally SpeCATtulous Time to MYSELF

 Well, so far it's been a spectacular Summer so far.  Friends grow together its a give and take (one Diva has to be Boss at least in the cat family):  1)If you want to really imprint the CAT on your charge or kitten, make sure they plant your paws firmly in training. 2) Patience 3) A few cat treats to distract or reward.  4) Be firm and gentle, but correct when needed (You have to be the CAT IN CHARGE!!!  5) Make time for CAT REST and Relaxation! 

😍😏  Remember to "Follow the Diva"...yawn...see you next time...Cali ^..^......!
I'm sure you'll love this one
If you would like to share your experiences let us know, and you might be featured!

All photos are copyrighted - Vanessa Rottner©2018 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Newsletter by Cali 1: Cats vs Humans - 21 Thing You Should Know

Summer Newsletter By Cali 1: Cats vs Humans - 21 Things You Should Know

Cali chimes in

I am only 3 years old and I continue to learn more about my human each and ever day!  She provides lots of entertainment value when I get bored with my toys (and I have a lot of them)!!!

The summer in Southern Ontario has been interesting.  My pet parent told be in England they call it 'Constable' weather named after the well know artist of the 1800's.

 John Constable was a romantic registered artist from Suffolk. He loved to capture the English countryside and cloud formations.  The countryside field with a mix of greens, the hay wain carefully positioned, meanwhile the puffy clouds with touches of grey bring a decisive mood and distinction.
My toys are the best - Cat Nip Ball after Supper

I also love to day dream in between watching birds from my urban windowsill!

Cat’s vs Human 21 Things You Should Know

I’m a hunter
She’s a food gather at the store
I’m a Diva
She’s a drama queen
I’m a stalker
She’s an observer
I’m a hunter
She reads a book
I meow
She hums
I climb high up
She sits on kitchen stool
I hunt at night
She sleeps
I sleep all day
She’s awake

I have cat perception
She has human intuition
I like creature comforts
She likes soft things
I’m contented
She’s happy because I am
I break the rules
She makes them
I eat the food
She prepares it
I’m the boss
She’s the intern
I have personality
She has character
I sit and contemplate my next move
She has a nap
I have places to sit in every room
She only has the sofa
I roll over to get treats
She gladly hands them out
I’m the Master of the House
She’s the servant
I jump on her shoulders
She’s always surprised
I can only count to 16 because I have 4 paws
(besides I am only 3)
She can count to past 16 as she has 10 fingers and 10 toes

I'd really like to "Hang Ten" when I'm not writing my blog, I love to stalk too.

This is "Wally the Wombat" a gift in February from my Auntie in Australia
we had a purring smashing good time.

I love to keep my human parent guessing,
sometime I stand behind her and pounce
on her back (not while she is carrying her tea of course LOL).

I love to plan my next move, stalking or act of surprise...
this is very creative for me in the middle of the night when my pet parent is sound a sleep.

Hunting is what I do best..... 

If you would like to submit your own observations if you are a cat or human, add your comments in this blog.  Please only submit two to three suggestions to allow others to write! 

Miss Mia cat Diva, if you want to be featured in my next
blog let me know.

See me in the Diva Paws 4 Advise, happy purring, 

Find me here:
Love Cali ^..^......! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Newsletter from Pet Mum: When My Three Year Becomes A Diva or She's Just Like a 15 Year Old - April 10 2017

Pet "Mum" has her say!

Dear Reader :  I just had to write....Well, there comes a point in every "Mum's" life where she has to speak out use her 'Diva Voice' or what I call 'She Bear'.

I grabbed the laptop away from the "Diva" while she was having a cat nap after a huge Springtime feed!  It's just as well as I stocked up..on food...(and have to hide it in the bedside table) almost under lock and key against the huge paws of the Calico/Tabby/Maine Coon!
 (Sound echoing as fridge door screams "Close the Door").  No one reads the note on the fridge:  "Decide what you want BEFORE you OPEN the Door"!
 Need I say more!
Cali at 2 months old - Innocence!

I'm sure all of you can relate in having human toddlers in various stages of growth, discovery, toys everywhere.  What used to be NEAT for a moment in time...before bed becomes chaos -- toys scattered from laundry baskets.  Kittens with limitless boundaries, tip towing over plant pots - you really can't ground proof everything or can you?  Most of us with toddlers or kittens sleep with "one eye open" and in have mode what I call 'intuition alertness'.  Do they make coffee EXTRA, EXTRA strong?

Look mum  I'm slightly bigger ans wiser now, 

Yes, you provide the most comfortable perch whatever that is, piles of vet's fleece (an excellent heat conductor - without electricity).  I even donated a flannel nightgown for the offering!

Days fall into months, you wonder if you will have enough hair in your head to survive the 'hair pulling' thinking "Oh what did she get into now".  Social time is making coffee and watching daytime TV.  Luckily nature will not leave you looking like those well worn dolls toddlers have with little or no hair - like strands of hair in a well worn swim cap.

I'm 2 and incorrigible

What happened to kitten hood?
10 Things Teenagers and Young Cat 2 Have in Common:

1) I will eat you out of house and home;
2) I will manipulate and outsmart you'
3) Just when you think things are normal, chaos will prevail;
4) I will sleep at odd times during the day so you can't at night. Hunting time begins at 11.59 p.m.
5)  I have selective deafness at will (even though my hearing is perfect and better than yours;
6) I am the master of my routines and will disrupt yours;
7) Counting to 10 ten won't work because I refused to learn. Beside 4 pays is enough and for humans only 5 fingers on one hand.  good enough
8) I can stand beside the fridge door, leaving it open until I decide to EAT;
9) My hunting skills awake at night, and teenagers party all night good planning there
10) I love to sleep in in the morning a sense of humour is healthy!
Oh Really - Mum Give Up on the Singing Leave it to the Birds.

Don't you see a similarity here between cat and teenager - Attitude =  Attitude
Too Right - Cats and Teens Are Really Doing This Behind You

Well, I guess I'm a little 'Older and Wiser, and perhaps metaphorically grayer.
What happen to kitten hood, did I fall asleep one night and wake up to a young adult cat? Who is now 3 years old.  A demanding Diva, with Tricks up her paws!
Well, live goes on and I expect Cali will have something to say as a rebuttal of this post.  It was worth a try...."Dear Reader"  I'm sure  you have your own stories too.

Dogs are so 'well behaved'!!!!

Come back soon for the next posting.......!  (Excuse me while I YAWN).

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Friday File: Separation Anxiety 101 - Ways to Adjusts and Ease - Simply Tap Your Paws Together!

Hello MY Darlings,

I hope you are all cozy in your beds, sofa's and cardboard boxes!
The November winds moved me from the marble windowsill  to my warm comforts of home!

I spoke last week about getting plenty of R'NR as the shopping
season is upon us now.  I'm still waiting for the Santa Clause parade soon to be arrive in my urban city.

Pet parents have been asking about the issue or 'Separation Anxiety'. How to respond to their pet children (feline and canine).  There is usually lots of activity around the house, this time of year, frequent trip, long lists and sometimes pet children don't get all the attention as they normally would.

One lady called Susan wrote in this week who spoke about her beloved "Mika" a delicate feline, somewhat shy Calico with a sweet personality.
Suite case:  Mommy I need YOU

(PAWS4Thought - washes face)'

Separation Anxiety:  Defines as
Feline reactions:

We thank "Mika" as our Guest today

Cali just turned 3 and still has issues when Mum has to go out . Nothing nicer than feeling comfort and care

Monday, March 27, 2017

Aniversary Special - Unconditional Love!

A moment to reflect!

Hello MY Darlings!

Today, I decided to do a little personal reflection! &^..^&.

August 19, 2004 is MY Anniversary date, this is the day that I graduated from my college and received my degree as in clinical psychology!

Each and every day, I wake up stretching purring, rubbing my PAWS for another exciting day in the office!

I start my day with 5 minutes of stretching, a purfect facial and massage on my face. This prepares me for another busy day of clients!!! ^..^!  Well, not all days run PURFECT, there are challenges, difference in cat or dog pursonalities.  I end up being the mediator LOL!

As you may recall I spoke about a remarkable young kitten called "Dundas" who continues to be an inspiration.   I love to catch up on reading at the downtownanimalhospitaltoronto.  The veterinarians and staff there are the best world, like a second family to me. Humans, please consider adoption to enrich your lives, there is no feeling like it. The relationships you build are much like relationship you have with your human children.

Unconditional love is like the best cat food you can ever thing about or that purfect dish of warmed milk!