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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Friday File: Separation Anxiety 101 - Ways to Adjusts and Ease - Simply Tap Your Paws Together!

Hello MY Darlings,

I hope you are all cozy in your beds, sofa's and cardboard boxes!
The November winds moved me from the marble windowsill  to my warm comforts of home!

I spoke last week about getting plenty of R'NR as the shopping
season is upon us now.  I'm still waiting for the Santa Clause parade soon to be arrive in my urban city.

Pet parents have been asking about the issue or 'Separation Anxiety'. How to respond to their pet children (feline and canine).  There is usually lots of activity around the house, this time of year, frequent trip, long lists and sometimes pet children don't get all the attention as they normally would.

One lady called Susan wrote in this week who spoke about her beloved "Mika" a delicate feline, somewhat shy Calico with a sweet personality.
Suite case:  Mommy I need YOU

(PAWS4Thought - washes face)'

Separation Anxiety:  Defines as
Feline reactions:

We thank "Mika" as our Guest today

Cali just turned 3 and still has issues when Mum has to go out . Nothing nicer than feeling comfort and care

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