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Monday, April 10, 2017

Newsletter from Pet Mum: When My Three Year Becomes A Diva or She's Just Like a 15 Year Old - April 10 2017

Pet "Mum" has her say!

Dear Reader :  I just had to write....Well, there comes a point in every "Mum's" life where she has to speak out use her 'Diva Voice' or what I call 'She Bear'.

I grabbed the laptop away from the "Diva" while she was having a cat nap after a huge Springtime feed!  It's just as well as I stocked up..on food...(and have to hide it in the bedside table) almost under lock and key against the huge paws of the Calico/Tabby/Maine Coon!
 (Sound echoing as fridge door screams "Close the Door").  No one reads the note on the fridge:  "Decide what you want BEFORE you OPEN the Door"!
 Need I say more!
Cali at 2 months old - Innocence!

I'm sure all of you can relate in having human toddlers in various stages of growth, discovery, toys everywhere.  What used to be NEAT for a moment in time...before bed becomes chaos -- toys scattered from laundry baskets.  Kittens with limitless boundaries, tip towing over plant pots - you really can't ground proof everything or can you?  Most of us with toddlers or kittens sleep with "one eye open" and in have mode what I call 'intuition alertness'.  Do they make coffee EXTRA, EXTRA strong?

Look mum  I'm slightly bigger ans wiser now, 

Yes, you provide the most comfortable perch whatever that is, piles of vet's fleece (an excellent heat conductor - without electricity).  I even donated a flannel nightgown for the offering!

Days fall into months, you wonder if you will have enough hair in your head to survive the 'hair pulling' thinking "Oh what did she get into now".  Social time is making coffee and watching daytime TV.  Luckily nature will not leave you looking like those well worn dolls toddlers have with little or no hair - like strands of hair in a well worn swim cap.

I'm 2 and incorrigible

What happened to kitten hood?
10 Things Teenagers and Young Cat 2 Have in Common:

1) I will eat you out of house and home;
2) I will manipulate and outsmart you'
3) Just when you think things are normal, chaos will prevail;
4) I will sleep at odd times during the day so you can't at night. Hunting time begins at 11.59 p.m.
5)  I have selective deafness at will (even though my hearing is perfect and better than yours;
6) I am the master of my routines and will disrupt yours;
7) Counting to 10 ten won't work because I refused to learn. Beside 4 pays is enough and for humans only 5 fingers on one hand.  good enough
8) I can stand beside the fridge door, leaving it open until I decide to EAT;
9) My hunting skills awake at night, and teenagers party all night good planning there
10) I love to sleep in in the morning a sense of humour is healthy!
Oh Really - Mum Give Up on the Singing Leave it to the Birds.

Don't you see a similarity here between cat and teenager - Attitude =  Attitude
Too Right - Cats and Teens Are Really Doing This Behind You

Well, I guess I'm a little 'Older and Wiser, and perhaps metaphorically grayer.
What happen to kitten hood, did I fall asleep one night and wake up to a young adult cat? Who is now 3 years old.  A demanding Diva, with Tricks up her paws!
Well, live goes on and I expect Cali will have something to say as a rebuttal of this post.  It was worth a try...."Dear Reader"  I'm sure  you have your own stories too.

Dogs are so 'well behaved'!!!!

Come back soon for the next posting.......!  (Excuse me while I YAWN).

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