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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Newsletter by Cali 1: Cats vs Humans - 21 Thing You Should Know

Summer Newsletter By Cali 1: Cats vs Humans - 21 Things You Should Know

Cali chimes in

I am only 3 years old and I continue to learn more about my human each and ever day!  She provides lots of entertainment value when I get bored with my toys (and I have a lot of them)!!!

The summer in Southern Ontario has been interesting.  My pet parent told be in England they call it 'Constable' weather named after the well know artist of the 1800's.

 John Constable was a romantic registered artist from Suffolk. He loved to capture the English countryside and cloud formations.  The countryside field with a mix of greens, the hay wain carefully positioned, meanwhile the puffy clouds with touches of grey bring a decisive mood and distinction.
My toys are the best - Cat Nip Ball after Supper

I also love to day dream in between watching birds from my urban windowsill!

Cat’s vs Human 21 Things You Should Know

I’m a hunter
She’s a food gather at the store
I’m a Diva
She’s a drama queen
I’m a stalker
She’s an observer
I’m a hunter
She reads a book
I meow
She hums
I climb high up
She sits on kitchen stool
I hunt at night
She sleeps
I sleep all day
She’s awake

I have cat perception
She has human intuition
I like creature comforts
She likes soft things
I’m contented
She’s happy because I am
I break the rules
She makes them
I eat the food
She prepares it
I’m the boss
She’s the intern
I have personality
She has character
I sit and contemplate my next move
She has a nap
I have places to sit in every room
She only has the sofa
I roll over to get treats
She gladly hands them out
I’m the Master of the House
She’s the servant
I jump on her shoulders
She’s always surprised
I can only count to 16 because I have 4 paws
(besides I am only 3)
She can count to past 16 as she has 10 fingers and 10 toes

I'd really like to "Hang Ten" when I'm not writing my blog, I love to stalk too.

This is "Wally the Wombat" a gift in February from my Auntie in Australia
we had a purring smashing good time.

I love to keep my human parent guessing,
sometime I stand behind her and pounce
on her back (not while she is carrying her tea of course LOL).

I love to plan my next move, stalking or act of surprise...
this is very creative for me in the middle of the night when my pet parent is sound a sleep.

Hunting is what I do best..... 

If you would like to submit your own observations if you are a cat or human, add your comments in this blog.  Please only submit two to three suggestions to allow others to write! 

Miss Mia cat Diva, if you want to be featured in my next
blog let me know.

See me in the Diva Paws 4 Advise, happy purring, 

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Love Cali ^..^......! 

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  1. How nice Cali you have got your paws writing again! We hope you have had a playful summer!