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Friday, March 9, 2012

Let Me TRILL you by MY Presence:

Hello MY Darlings!

This morning, I was really famished.  The spring air had given me an appetite. As I needed to get my humans attention for food, I decided to invoke the ‘trilling’ techniques that I have developed over the years (much to the annoyance of the other Diva in the household).  I always demand treats at bedtime especially my fish Greenies that I love.

The sun had started to come into the sleeping area; I observed my human stirring out of slumber. The Greenies were left on the bookcase next to the bed, easy pickings!. 

One more chance or else the CLOCK GETS IT.!
 Leaning over with my paws.... tap, tap, of the electrical cord, it began swinging as a washing line in the wind. With the intent of a well seasoned violin virtuoso the chord began humming. The crashing sound of the clock kissing the floor -- smashing the sound of silence. (Cheshire grin sweeps my whiskers, opening as an umbrella fell across my face - mission accomplished.)
My human tossed and turned in frustrated annoyance with (One eye open talking in gibberish)…I thought she said “Diva stop that, go back to bed it’s early yet”. Well, I’ve heard that before and taken NO NOTICE.  Having worked in the theatre I know that props don’t always work.

Now she was awake for sure! The look of bewilderment was on her face – stunned. I could read her well, as I have done after so many years.  I didn’t want to see the LOCH Ness appear but would dismiss it as I always do.  I was determined, the chorus of  ‘trilling techniques’ began.  For those of you humans that are not aware, it can be described as a sequence of ‘loud primal guttural meows’ in tones like a Ravels Bolero Sneaking closer I pointed my face into her ear…..meoowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, meooooooooow, umppphhhhh, eppp, eppp, meow! 
Breakfast starts the day

(Diva look what you have done, looking around).  I simply ignored her and started the sequence again until she got out of bed.  Wiping her eyes and shuffling her feet….(she utters – “kitchen, kitchen”.)

 Satisfaction starts the day as I stretch my paws.....
MY Servant serves my breakfast treats

Diva WINS 

Have plenty of Spider plants too  you-say-salad-with-that

Ciao MY darlings......................remember your TRILLS..the link to Ravels Bolero will help with that!


  1. HAHA! You do have wonderful talents that you invoke beautifully, Diva! Ravel's Bolero indeed! I love that piece!

    You must tell me when you are next in the opera...


  2. Dear SF Girl,
    How lovely to hear from you again! Thank you for your very kind comments. I love to write inspired by my fans. Oh yes, spring air often brings the operatic arias in full bloom. Cheers, Diva Cat -- meow, meow, meow...trill.