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Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Dear Diva" How Can I Learn How to Jump Gracefully?

Hello My Darlings!

This is the second "Dear Diva" blog.

I would like to convey a special 'thank you' to Miss Lily
for her question:

"How Can I Learn How to Jump Gracefully".
Jump with Grace - and look GOOD

If you don't mind the intended pun, you question poses an interesting one!  I think it would depend on many factors as I see it, my response is based on common sense and my own experience:
1) optics
2) genetics
3) your own natural abilities or lack of them
4) the environment (whether you an inside or outside cat)

It depends upon your optics. Are you asking "How do I jump gracefully" what methods and actions to I have to take to obtain this effectively.  Firstly, it has to do with your own natural abilities, whether you are a 'natural athlete' or 'average'. This determines the above.  Secondly, it depends on your genetics Father (Sire) Mother (Dam).  Thirdly, we know that all cats have the natural ability to 'land on their feet' that has been proven scientifically.  Your natural parents or your human companions would have observed you since you were a kitten, they are the best barometer to tell you whether you should be very active or not.  To illustrate this further, a friend of mine had a cat that was born without a tail.  This abnormality affected his ability to balance and he did not care to participate in a lot of physical activity such as jumping.  He was active in other ways and made up for this with his stunning character and personality.

Katherine Hepburn
Finally, if you are a in door cat it is best to exercise common sense here.  Cats that live in the country are more apt to be physical.

Marlene Dietrich

When ever I have to tackle something difficult, such as skiing or gymnastics I put myself in character and pretend I am an avid skier or am in the Olympics. A few days before any jumping, I put on my best Katherine Hepburn outfit and strut around my dwelling acting like Marlene Dietrich.

Hint: If you do not like jumping, then try walking across Piano will improve your balance. If you balance or coordination is a problem, then try another activity such as reading or birdwatching.  Remember to always be sensible and be PLAY IT SAFE!

Remember to send your questions to me at before next Saturday.

Ciao my Darlings, until next time  
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