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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Global Village United in Friendship!

Good morning, Morning my Darlings.

Happy Sunday, what a difference a day makes. The sun (day) (sundae)  is shining encapsulating its vibrant warmth on the city, wrapping the city in a cozy blanket!  The violent winds are calm now which enables me get into the MUSE!

(Yawning and washes paws).  I am delighted by all my visitors and love to welcome news ones. It starts me daydreaming of exotic places of travel. Cultures and cities vibrant with activity feline and canine friends ...nattering 
Parlez vous!

in their various languages: (Spanish) Buenos días, (German) guten Morgen, (French) Bonjour,(Italian) Buongiorno, (Belarusian) Добрай раніцы,(Romanian) bună dimineaţa
I love to meow in several languages!

(Hindi) ,  صباح الخير  (Welsh)bore human would like that she is part Welsh!  

I have always been a diplomat my darlings, thrilled by travelling and adventure ...where ever that takes me!

I  WILL root out all kinds of places to capture chicken or fish. Travelling with my servant to Cuba, we were quaffing on something exotic.   In the Caribbean when dusk falls it is like a black curtain, shrouding the landscape in a cocoon. I  heard something moving in the grass.  My eyes could not believe the shadows............

Grabbing the torch. The darkness revealed a HUGE crab the size of a dinner plate.....stunned by the scampered off like the Phantom of the Opera. LOL

Cuba - Natures Night Life


Divo Toulouse and Diva Cat Teddy
Tea Time BEST enjoyed with a FRIEND!
On the home front there is always opportunities to natter on the phone, the internet, or meet socially ....that is what life is all about MY darlings.   Well off to read my social calendar!

Sundaes for SUNDAYS
PAWS for Attention: Use the language widget on the right side bar to translate the text into your own language.  You may add your comments in the "Comments" section. We love our FANS.....Purrs............

Ciao see you next time...........................


  1. How important it is to reach out on many levels, here and aboard. Great article.

  2. Welcome to our member today Dan!