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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mutual Detente


Hello MY Darlings:

Greetings from the MY cat kingdom!!!

Well it has almost been a month now since “Mr. Arrival” meowed at my door! My kingdom and dimensions are shifting in response to the feline relationship; many tidal pulls as I maintain my hold of supremacy. 

I love being the Alpha FEMALE ruling the roost.

Warming up for the "Royal Hiss"
                     My ‘hissing’ has become like a revolving propeller knocking him off guard, as he passes to get by me acting like a ‘three legged stool’ of surprise. He has the audacity to ignore ME he doesn’t hiss back now, what is that? Has he experienced other divas before me?  As with any male (human or feline) he is supposed to GET IT, has he taken the gloves off completely as an element of surprise – what gives?  
What....a acrobatic CAT!
Take the other day, I almost jumped out of my skin myself he was reclining on the communal ‘mat-mat’ watching me as I trotted by. 

 I picked up speed, moving my white paws in unison, my heart was racing just a little…I’m not used to ‘running’ that is what my servants do.   I could feel his eyes as I passed…just then he lunged at me missing my back feet by two inches. 

I forgot to hiss (showing my disapproval)….I simply needed to exit fast. We are at the stage now of professional mutual respect, in any relationship this takes time.  Mutual feline RESPECT! 

I've got you numbered Diva -ha ha
"Hey DIVA ...I've got you UNDER MY SPELL"!

I left a little moist food and dry food for him, I had enough….a little peace offering.  I could see that his whiskers were splayed out (enjoyment); the plate was polished bright as a gleaming star in the night sky.  When he is sleeping, I often sniff out his dish for morsels and offerings… LOL.

I really had HER thinking!
 "Oh Diva, I'm planning my next move".......LOL

Well My darlings, I’m off to get some cat nap (with one eye open:)

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