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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Capturing The Moment!

  • Hello My Darlings!
As I was lounging here on a Sunday, catching some well deserved MUSE time.  I started pondering about the expression "Capturing The Moment"....
Dancing of Sugar Mice In MY Sleep

Decisive Moment - Ah Fresh Butter!
well of course what else would "I" be thinking about dear readers:  Food, Mice, Birds and anything that would be in my reach or better yet MY MOUTH.    Now, now WHO IS the shutter-bug with the camera? "Capturing The Moment Indeed"...well excuse me!

The expression conjures up many a metaphor (yes I play around with those too including field mice): 1) Food 2) Hunting 3) Camera

Diva Ness and Divo Toulouse Chilling
 4) Painting 5) Writing: dabbling in the MUSE (my favorite).  MY human found this for me: 'Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one." .    It really is all about Carpe Diem all Divas and Divos know about this.   The best way is to simply 'be' and enjoy the moment with friends! 
Diva Sings "Circle of Friendship Aria"

"Circle of Friendship: We look upon one another when we have the need to share. And find the joy of friendship grow each time we show our care"    Doesn't that make you PURR! 

So find your PURFECT friend and capture the momento.   

Three Divas and El Divo
So Darlings.......GO...grab your 'best buddies .......have a SMASHING good time!


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  2. We can never have enough good buddies! meow, meow!