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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cats Prime Directive - Bugle Call 101

Audition Photo 2011
Hello My Darlings!

To my adoring fans, it's great to be back to the land of the living (after my recent escapades- phew).
Walking On The Wild Side - Feb 21 2012

Humans are stubborn species even at the best of times, especially in the morning when I want MY breakfast!

Eggs - protein for ME

 They don't seem to have any sense of time - what is that. Don't they know I run a tight ship? As a result I have devised and modified my prime directive accordingly (CONTROL HUMANS).

Take yesterday morning for example (sigh - farrowed eyes).  My human was sleeping soundly, (and should have been up, the sun was up so why wasn't she)?  I used the two syllable  tone of "ummph, ummph, ummph"..this usually gets a response.   With other high octave meows.

 Revealing my LOCH NESS pose, I screamed in her ear bellowing out a full Aria resulting in my trump card:   A BUGLE.

Bugle Blast 101

Remember:  The Prime Directive at all times-CONTROL YOUR HUMANS they ARE YOUR SERVANTS. Resistance is FUTILE.

:) This worked well in my favor as I had my human eating out of my hand all day LOL 

Ciao until next time -


  1. Oh my! I don't think I will show this to Toulouse ... (I am too self-serving) ... He might get some ideas. But in actual fact, it is he who tends to lounge in the mornings ...

    Good job, Diva! Especially with the bugle notes. Have you considered a gig as opera singer? Perhaps at the Met?

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Nina:) Ha ha. Ah yes, Toulouse....well, well. He might be like my human???

    Gig at the opera -- only The Grand Ole Opry - Minnie Pearl. I might be suited in Italy - La Scala perhaps!

  3. Dearest,
    Ash, Aria and Micky want you and your Mummy to know that they are very jealous because their Mummy is not so wide awake and generous with her breakfast in the morning. She does provide them with good cat food though.:)

    1. Dear Ash, Aria and Mickey. Any kind of food is good, especially of mommy leaves the cupboard door open accidentally LOL (smiling)! Heidi I think your are like my mommy in the a.m (sigh).

  4. So true Miss Diva - one must keep these humans in line - food on time is essential! Why don't they 'get' it?

  5. Dear Anonymous - (wink wink):
    Well humans are a breed of their own. That is why felines are superior :-3