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Friday, February 17, 2012

Wardrobe Challenges - Life Lessons Learned!

Hello My Darlings!

I am delighted to share with you my recent experience with "wardrobe challenges".

Oh yes, like most Diva's and Divo's (to a lesser degree) they do happen when you LEAST expect it!
In this case, it had nothing to do with the endearing PROP DEPARTMENT at the theatre where I perform, not my WARDROBE MISTRESS!

Enter stage it is:

Needless to say, as I found out my character had a eye infection........
Momma "GET ME OUTTA .....HERE" don't just stand there  H E L P ME!
  The Director informed me the show must go on.............."Diva get over it no more HISSY fits from you".  
I told the Director: "This is not in my contract"

Alas, I tried walking in the outfit.....and kept tripping over my 'dress'.  Frustrated, I began thinking what my human had said recently" costumes need be the right length; cassocks can be problematic in CHURCH too.. if they are too long you can't navigate up steps!!

Right , how do I apply this to my situation?  I couldn't see where I was WALKING.. or going.  Use your INTUITION AND INTELLIGENCE .   "Clear heads prevail don't they"???? 
Diva escapes to the solitude of her DRESSING ROOM!
I flew into a emotional rage, skidding into my dressing room.  After tea and cap nip I managed to get myself into character.  

I got into my character! Bringing myself into full DIVA mode. I enabled myself to get into character, drawing on my own experience with an eye infection!  I finished my play and it was a stunning performance!

 :) Hint: Darlings there are often lessons to be learned when dealing with wardrobe challenges; draw on your own experiences, work through them and keep those PAWS TAPPING! :)  You never know you can share this with your young understudy!!!  Humility keep us graceful.

See you next time...........................................wink....wink.................:)


  1. HAHA! Good one, Diva! You do look rather fetching in that ... cape ... is it? lovely! Well done!

    Your friend,

    1. Dear Nina,
      Thank you Darling! Well, grace and humility often come hand in hand, even if we don't always grasp the reward!

      If you'd like to 'twitter and FB this page' we'd be delighted.
      Say hello to your friend Toulouse. Your friend, Diva...

  2. Dearest Diva and Miss Nessa.
    Thank you very much for the delightful article on dressing attire. Ash, Micky, Aria and I have laughed over it and enjoyed it immensely. Well done!
    Ash, Aria,Micky and Heidi.

    1. Dear Heidi, Ash, Aria, Micki: Thank you so much for your delightful comments. I am have a little sojourn in the sunny window resting my paws. Please share with your friends and drop in and say hi. See you on FB.

      Purrs (washes faces with paws) :)^..^