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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Frogging for Snowflakes

Hello My Darlings!

This is a leap year, so my thoughts!

Well as nature would have it, she can be a Diva in her own right!  Never a dull moment, full of surprises.  Like a mysterious dog that hides around the corner ready to go 'boo'. LOL

Snow Leaps on the window pane 29 Feb 2012
 My my they promised snow, normally you only see icing on cakes. This time nature sprinkled it on at the dog park like fairy dust ....ha ha

It's true, maybe if I put on my magic DIVA cape...perhaps a snow flake or two?

Image from

Snowflake image from


Creative planning...ummm.   I feel a cat plan coming up...

                                I shall be determined to get what I AM AFTER....
Momma is that really snow?

No one told me there IS glass here?


Ah ha..Eureka!

Diva gets into costume for Leaping!


PURR....SISTENCE is rewarded !!!!!!!!!

Reel 2 Real:  (movie talk).....DIVAS never give UP revel your 'she bear' be tenacious

1) Draw on your experience;
2) Try a something new; 3) Share your experience!!!!

Well, Darlings that was my "Leap Frog Day" no frog....however I got "Greenies" instead.

See you next time, ciao!

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