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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mutual Detente


Hello MY Darlings:

Greetings from the MY cat kingdom!!!

Well it has almost been a month now since “Mr. Arrival” meowed at my door! My kingdom and dimensions are shifting in response to the feline relationship; many tidal pulls as I maintain my hold of supremacy. 

I love being the Alpha FEMALE ruling the roost.

Warming up for the "Royal Hiss"
                     My ‘hissing’ has become like a revolving propeller knocking him off guard, as he passes to get by me acting like a ‘three legged stool’ of surprise. He has the audacity to ignore ME he doesn’t hiss back now, what is that? Has he experienced other divas before me?  As with any male (human or feline) he is supposed to GET IT, has he taken the gloves off completely as an element of surprise – what gives?  
What....a acrobatic CAT!
Take the other day, I almost jumped out of my skin myself he was reclining on the communal ‘mat-mat’ watching me as I trotted by. 

 I picked up speed, moving my white paws in unison, my heart was racing just a little…I’m not used to ‘running’ that is what my servants do.   I could feel his eyes as I passed…just then he lunged at me missing my back feet by two inches. 

I forgot to hiss (showing my disapproval)….I simply needed to exit fast. We are at the stage now of professional mutual respect, in any relationship this takes time.  Mutual feline RESPECT! 

I've got you numbered Diva -ha ha
"Hey DIVA ...I've got you UNDER MY SPELL"!

I left a little moist food and dry food for him, I had enough….a little peace offering.  I could see that his whiskers were splayed out (enjoyment); the plate was polished bright as a gleaming star in the night sky.  When he is sleeping, I often sniff out his dish for morsels and offerings… LOL.

I really had HER thinking!
 "Oh Diva, I'm planning my next move".......LOL

Well My darlings, I’m off to get some cat nap (with one eye open:)

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Dear Diva: What To Do About Cat Breath - Halitosis

Friday March 30, 2012

Dear Diva:

I would like to thank our feline reader "Miss Lily" to this weeks contribution.
     "My veterinarian says that I have "cat breath".  How can I make my breath smell fresher for the sake of my human? Miss Lily".

Before I begin, I thought I'd share something with you.  If you really want to drive your human mad breath on him or her first thing in the morning, after you have eaten a tin of sardines.  Better than their "morning coffee". It is sure to get them out of bed and respond to your needs!

This is what I do: My practice is to make sure I have regular check-ups with my Veterinarian, he or she is the best person determine the state of your overall health. When checking your Internet sources always be sure to look at credible sights and converse with your human companion:

After checking several of my sources, according Pet Education they advise as follows:

How Can I Determine the Cause of My Cat's Bad Breath (Halitosis)?

Your veterinarian is the best person to pinpoint the cause. A physical examination may reveal the cause of your cat’s problem. If not, further tests will likely be recommended. Be ready to answer questions about your cat’s diet, oral hygiene, exercise habits and general attitude and behavior.

Don’t worry, your cat’s breath isn’t supposed to smell minty fresh-but if there’s an extremely strong, fetid odor, there could be an underlying medical problem.

Getting ready for my check-up

 "Bad breath, medically termed 'halitosis,' is a common problem reported by pet owners. The most common cause of halitosis is some sort of dental problem. Bacteria, saliva, and food particles can form plaque, which causes bad breath. This can further develop into gingivitis, or worse, periodontal disease, which will make the breath even more unpleasant or gum disease.

However, persistent bad breath can also indicate more serious medical problems such as abnormalities in the mouth, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, liver or kidneys. In all cases, halitosis is a red flag that should be investigated.
In addition to dental problems, other causes of bad breath (may) include:
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Kidney disease
  • Gastrointestinal disease, including cancers, obstructions, and certain infections
  • Infections of areas around the mouth, such as the folds of the lips
  • Respiratory disease, e.g.; some sinus infections
  • Dietary "indiscretions," such as eating stool or spoiled garbage
  • Other oral disease, such as tonsillitis, cancer, trauma, and some autoimmune diseases
Any pet with bad breath should be examined by a veterinarian, unless you know it is caused by something the pet ate. Some causes of bad breath can cause severe and even fatal complications, if not treated promptly.

 Summary check list:

Many people assume that bad breath in cats, especially at a certain age, is a “given”-but that’s not the case. In fact, being proactive about your pet’s oral health will not only make your life together more pleasant, it’s smart preventive medicine:
Regular home brushing with help prevent halitosis
  • Bring your pet in for regular checkups to make sure he has no underlying medical issues that may cause halitosis.
  • Make sure your vet monitors and tracks the state of your cat’s teeth and breath.
  • Brush your cat’s teeth frequently-every day is ideal. (Please be sure to use toothpaste formulated for cats as human toothpaste can upset your pet’s stomach.)
  • Discuss home-use oral health products with your veterinarian to see if there’s a type he or she recommends.
  • Talk to your vet about feeding a diet that will help to prevent dental disease. Some feel that the abrasive action caused by chewing hard kibble can slow down the formation of plaque.
My most favorite kitty toothpaste is chicken flavor (what else would it be LOL). I prefer a soft baby brush or toddler size. The last time I got my teeth cleaned I destroyed the toilet roll and left the bathroom in chaos!

Miss Lily, please be sure to read this to your human companion.  Thank you.

Well, MY darlings, do send me your fan mail and questions :)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Arrival

Hello MY Darlings!

Today, at the Theatre we had a surprise visitor,  an actor like myself. He is tall, sleek and debonair.  His presence fills the room with charisma, so characteristic of a Divo who knows himself very well and not afraid to show it.    During our break at our rehearsals, we formerly were introduced exchanging cordial glances.

My word what a strong character he is, I think it will be  challenging working together. 

Room service
As with any human relationship, forming them and creating a positive bond takes time. With humans a handshake or a polite "How Do YOU Do" breaks the ice.  Now with feline and canine species this take a little more time... (washes her face with paws and thinks).

This is quite nice Diggs, I hope she can cook!
As he will be working in town and places are hard to get, I offered my Penthouse dwelling to him.   I'm sure he will enjoy the sunsets from my picturesque window.  The dance of seagulls is quite amazing like the "Whirling Dervishes" that I have spoken about before.

Ring Leader
I'd better get in some more cat grass!

I guess my human will have to
play Court Jester of sorts,

until we sort our our Diva and Divo personalities?

Whaat....are you TALKING TO ME!

 Life is exciting, jump in for the "Thrill of the Ride"....

Well, I have to think about my strategies...LOL.

Well MY out for the next blog on this exciting phase in my life...

The Concession


I love to have the LAST word

Hello MY Darlings:
Well, it has been quite an interesting adventure thus far. “Mr. Arrival” and I are adjusting to our paws and vocal exchanges. 

 I continue to maintain supremacy over my kingdom, matching his baritone meows with my guttural she bear.  Despite the challenges of positioning, I am holding my own.  As with any new relationship feline or human there often needs to be some ‘give and take’.

Well Diva, want a challenge send it MY way! 
I am learning that “Mr. Arrival” is very intelligent. He waltzes around and continues to parade his sleek, athletic deportment with the air of cavalier. Much revered in the 

He is awesome!
Theatrical circles. He is tall, brown tabby, with striking silver markings on his body.  Emerald green eyes sparkle from debonair face with distinctive coppery nose and cheeks.  

Diva is in for a RIDE - meow!

Of course MY dears we are equally matched in that regard, I have caught him glancing at me from a distance. I prance by showing off my alabaster neck and white paws, turning slightly so he can see the tri-coloured fur which I call ‘the coat of many colours’ 

I think he is a super cat...never seen any Divo leap with such ease.

I feel EYES peering at me?
He has found himself a perch in what we call the ‘cheap seats’ in the theatre.  It is way up in the rafters, purrfect for the skier or hunting types. I feel like I"m being WATCHED!

I do the runway poses, pivot and turn my head in a coy fashion!  Then run like mad before he hisses! I'll I stalk him. Walk by and hiss back.....! Got cha!!!

This morning, did my best Audrey Hepburn walk, coiled my body ....then jumped over him...he didn't know what happened. This expression was worth

Now and again, I sneak over to his food station to see if he has left me any ‘olive branch’ offerings. 

The dish was completely clean….. I do think he is figuring me out!!
I ate his food - lol

Well, I'll chase circles around YOU!
I think I would like to get to know him more...his name is

he is awesome!


Ciao MY Darlings.....I'll be writing more about this..............

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