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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Concession


I love to have the LAST word

Hello MY Darlings:
Well, it has been quite an interesting adventure thus far. “Mr. Arrival” and I are adjusting to our paws and vocal exchanges. 

 I continue to maintain supremacy over my kingdom, matching his baritone meows with my guttural she bear.  Despite the challenges of positioning, I am holding my own.  As with any new relationship feline or human there often needs to be some ‘give and take’.

Well Diva, want a challenge send it MY way! 
I am learning that “Mr. Arrival” is very intelligent. He waltzes around and continues to parade his sleek, athletic deportment with the air of cavalier. Much revered in the 

He is awesome!
Theatrical circles. He is tall, brown tabby, with striking silver markings on his body.  Emerald green eyes sparkle from debonair face with distinctive coppery nose and cheeks.  

Diva is in for a RIDE - meow!

Of course MY dears we are equally matched in that regard, I have caught him glancing at me from a distance. I prance by showing off my alabaster neck and white paws, turning slightly so he can see the tri-coloured fur which I call ‘the coat of many colours’ 

I think he is a super cat...never seen any Divo leap with such ease.

I feel EYES peering at me?
He has found himself a perch in what we call the ‘cheap seats’ in the theatre.  It is way up in the rafters, purrfect for the skier or hunting types. I feel like I"m being WATCHED!

I do the runway poses, pivot and turn my head in a coy fashion!  Then run like mad before he hisses! I'll I stalk him. Walk by and hiss back.....! Got cha!!!

This morning, did my best Audrey Hepburn walk, coiled my body ....then jumped over him...he didn't know what happened. This expression was worth

Now and again, I sneak over to his food station to see if he has left me any ‘olive branch’ offerings. 

The dish was completely clean….. I do think he is figuring me out!!
I ate his food - lol

Well, I'll chase circles around YOU!
I think I would like to get to know him more...his name is

he is awesome!


Ciao MY Darlings.....I'll be writing more about this..............

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  1. Welcome Sammy...Diva Darling you have a good friend interest there?:)

  2. Dear Heidi,

    He is my knight in shining amour .....:) meow! (flutters eye lashes)