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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Noise Avoidance - Fire Alarms

 Hello Darlings!

I've been asked to report on the  issue of
 'N O I S E   A V O I D A N CE'... to be exact those pesky FIRE ALARMS that humans think is necessary!  As an Urban Diva, while I agree this is required for safety, it is unavoidable   As my auntie would say "2 annoying".

My ears......yikes - how loud does it have to be???
Where is my Swiss toque?


ALTERNATE SOLUTIONS  (be Coolio don't panic) :
1) Find a laundry bag and hide;
2) Under the Bed;
3) Closet;
4) Curl up with your human companion
5) Indulge in a bag of catnip - that usually FIXES MOST THINGS!

The BEST SOLUTION  if you know ahead of time is:  TAKE A VACATION DAY!

If all else fails, go to the theatre and do some IMPROV.

Don't worry about it Darlings...its usually OVER SOONER THAN YOU EXPECT.

:) HINT: Rest assured, your kind human will give you a nice dish of WARM MILK or a treat of FISH:)

See you next time Darlings........................I'm off to the theatre!


  1. HAHA! Well done, Diva! I myself am heading off to walk the dogs ... Tata!

  2. Dear SF Girl (Nina) : Thank you for taking the time to reply to my blog! I so appreciate your feedback. All is quiet for the moment..........I feel like I have "thrown a bit sideways" as the saying goes. Do enjoy your adventures with your canine friends.....plenty of bones I hope:)

    Cheerio, until next time....................