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Monday, February 27, 2012

Diva Smooze Party for the Academy Awards 2012

Hello My Darlings...........!

Well, well, well,  I was smooozzzing with the best Divas and Divos last night the Academy Awards 2012!

The event of all events. Hobb nobbing bee bobbing. in my designer frock, I even put on some Chanel #5!   

My neck and eyes were glued to the TV screen, bowls of salmon in my lap (mouth hung open like a draw bridge LOL) awaiting the results.   Who would win the coveted Oscars....time would little heart was going pitter patter, paws moist with nervous tension.  My eyes glued to the screen  (as cats to cream).   

Diva 2 "Kiss of Good Luck"
Who is going to win.....Best Diva or Best Divo......your guess is as good as mine....

I think Diva Nina knows the odds.....she has followed all the stats and calculate the possible outcomes.
Diva 1 -  My votes are in - now what

It might be the CATS MEOW ..........
she is well connected?

I'm voting for the "Iron Lady" shes got style!


My leads in the Theatre are always changing, sometimes its more like a whirlwind - depending on the CAT nattering to who!  LOL

Divo 1 - Toulouse

Wow, I just saw George Clooney
and Colin Firth

Diva 3 : - Tallies the odds  - "well Babio....
Ha ha...........I just might know "

Its a CATS ...MEOW ...Darling results are IN

  1. Best Picture  The Artist
  2. Actor In a Leading Role:  Jean DuJardin for The Artist
  3. Actress In a Leading Role:  Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady  (Purring loudly woo hoo )! is the link for more results:
 Well, Darlings...I'm resting after so much excitement...............Ciao! 

Upcoming Event  in March:  Prix Auroras - vote for my friend Costi Gurgu

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