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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Understudies Adventure!

Hello My Darlings!

Well my understudy is on an adventure today.

As field mice are hard to come by these days, we have to compromise.
I have it all planned, a trip to the Pet Store where gourmet delights can be had!

Come to me MY DARLING (mouse replies....babio I'm on steriods)
(Eyes with excitement)  Lip smacking, nose twitching, whisker wobbling enough to make a girl dizzy with anticipation!

Here is the Menu:
1) Duck, chicken, fish all organic of course:
2) Greenies (fish, chicken or salmon) for keeping my teeth beautiful;
3) A brush for my masseuse to keep my coat in runway style and magnificence;
4) Moist food organic;
5) Catnip mouse to tease and make them jump through gymnastic hoops:
6) Anything else that looks tasty.

 Well, its been a while..(haughty smile) the understudy is taking her time...WHERE IS SHE?
I hope she hasn't met a good looking Divo on the way (sigh). Yawn, I might as well have a  DIVA snooze.

Waiting for the Food
Mouse tries bungee jumping to escape!

 My understudy did a marvellous job and I'm about dig in and enjoy!

 Always do the 'sniff' test before you devour your spoils!

A little Tête à tête means literally 'head to head'.
Stage left: the cat and mouse game begins  (rubbing paws together and licking lips)!
MY Catch

Then I shall enjoy a mouth salivating, with beads of watered jewels nestling on my whiskers .

Tug of war you know the ODDS
Divas always GUARD their food and check on Understudy..

Understudy received her queues from ME:

 Understudies are great: 1) they TAKE DIRECTION well 2) they don't argue (as they know what is BEST FOR THEM).  3) they are EASY TO TRAIN and generally well behaved (lol). 
Well, there will be no remains of the day......

My day has been fit for any DIVA......

purring in utter contentment I shall simply  drift into the land where DIVA dreams are made of.....

 Ciao Darlings.................................remember to leave your comments, I love to hear from my FANS!

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