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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow in Toronto - A Wedding Cake Day!

Good morning!  Where is my 'warm milk'  ???
 Hello My Darlings!

I was up early taking photographs of my beautiful scene outside my window.   (Stretching - yawn)...I couldn't believe my eyes.

The snow was a white as my paws! I quickly gathered my senses, wiggled my whiskers.

What a delightful surprise....................

A Wedding Cake Day - Cars are beautifully iced!
Dreaming of Sugar Plum Fairiies
The clean beauty took my breath away completely, magical as any fairy tale story.  Nature has done her handy-work.

I"t's a wedding cake day! I view from my window is glorious. A fresh blanket of snow has adorned the landscape. Red traffic lights beam with smiling faces like a Constable painting (he uses red in his painting to capture the viewer attention). Oh to record this moment in time"!

Eat a hearty's play time.........

:) Hint:  don't forget to get your mommy/mummy to dress you warmly........grab those mittens...and await the hot chocolate upon your return :)

Bye for now my Darlings..................


  1. Ah, my Diva, you have captured the magic of snow in Toronto with poetry. Yes, the cars were "beautifully iced" indeed! :) I enjoy Constable's work too. And you look very comfortable dreaming of sugar plum fairies... are they cat-fairies by any chance??? ... :)

    Looking forward to my own hot chocolate, sitting here with my two favorite dogs, snuggling with me on the couch... :) OH! Sorry... not sure if you have dog friends... touchy subject perhaps? ...

    Your friend,

    1. Dear Nina: Thank you so much for your kind comments, "my human" was up decidedly early so I had scurry around with the camera (she was lucky this time)LOL. Yes, I love art, books and music all add to culture which is so important to give depth to our lives and to share.

      Ah yes, hot chocolate, is that with marsh mellows too. Oh yes, I do have a little dog friend. He is a chihuahua terrier mix. I love dogs, it would be smashing to meet your 'waggy' friends. Your friend.............Diva