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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Purfect Persistence in Foraging

Hello My Darlings!

 When it comes to food it is important to practice "purfect persistence".

According to the temperament and character inventory (Claude Robert Cloninger), the self-directed (SD) persistence can be a valuable trait to have.  I always knew this intuitively and from my own experience.  It does pay off, especially when it comes to snatching and grabbing food opportunities!

At meal times do this:
1) Guard the threshold of the kitchen, by strategically placing yourself on the floor half way between the kitchen and the hall way; 2) Observe your humans; 3) Carefully, weave in and out of their legs (without getting crushed or causing an accident), use the same technique canines use at dog training. I have observed this and it works very well.  4) Snatch any fish or chicken that has fallen and dash like mad out the reach of human hand and enjoy the spoils.5) Sit back into position (1).

:) Hint:  Guard the threshold, refuse to move even if humans yell at you! Pretend you are a dog for a moment, and have them walk over you ( a primal meow or hiss will startle them LOL) . This will make them mad. You'll laugh your head off as you observe the choreography of the humans feet as they attempt to climb over you. :)

Foraging is the act of searching for and exploiting food resources.

Happy hunting, Darlings..............................we love to hear your comments!

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