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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Arrival

Hello MY Darlings!

Today, at the Theatre we had a surprise visitor,  an actor like myself. He is tall, sleek and debonair.  His presence fills the room with charisma, so characteristic of a Divo who knows himself very well and not afraid to show it.    During our break at our rehearsals, we formerly were introduced exchanging cordial glances.

My word what a strong character he is, I think it will be  challenging working together. 

Room service
As with any human relationship, forming them and creating a positive bond takes time. With humans a handshake or a polite "How Do YOU Do" breaks the ice.  Now with feline and canine species this take a little more time... (washes her face with paws and thinks).

This is quite nice Diggs, I hope she can cook!
As he will be working in town and places are hard to get, I offered my Penthouse dwelling to him.   I'm sure he will enjoy the sunsets from my picturesque window.  The dance of seagulls is quite amazing like the "Whirling Dervishes" that I have spoken about before.

Ring Leader
I'd better get in some more cat grass!

I guess my human will have to
play Court Jester of sorts,

until we sort our our Diva and Divo personalities?

Whaat....are you TALKING TO ME!

 Life is exciting, jump in for the "Thrill of the Ride"....

Well, I have to think about my strategies...LOL.

Well MY out for the next blog on this exciting phase in my life...

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