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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Knight Quest: In Search of the Holy Cat Grail

Hello MY Darlings!

I have been busy writing decrees and commissioning......

"Sir Sammy" is on a Knight's quest in search of the Holy Cat Grail.

Dawn breaks upon the kingdom

There have been eerie noises emanating from the hallways and peripheral grounds of my kingdom.  Workmen have been rebuilding the walls of my castle since the last siege.  Nothing more than a few crumbling stones ....nothing of great magnitude. Clanging swing-stage break the sounds of morning silence when I demand my sleep. Nothing to say of the privacy issues.  This requires Knight Sammy to be on 24 hour guard, the most honored in my cat kingdom. The look and stealth of a noble family.        

The Journey Begins: Into the uncertain mist

The journey is set to begin at dawn, my dark knight is set to embrace adversity, fearless and undaunted by the face of mystery. Poised strength is his cloak that awaits dawn's early rise.

"Go Sir Knight, be valiant"!

Noble "Black Knight"
Chiseled face and expressive eyes carve out the mission quest with determination.
Noble knight raises the position of our humble kingdom by being part of it. I am fearless, "I will stalk the night moving with stealth into the dawns early light, perhaps a few field mouse to give me strength for my journey".
My super cape with special Star will guide my path
Holy Grail Chalice
Eloriomonous Moat

Ashness Bridge - Keswick - Cumbria UK
Long ago my ancestors were known for their hunting skills and stunning intellect...I will bring all this to the flowing rivers and mountains are not an obstacle but a welcomed 
challenge. "Oh Holy Grail lead me to you".

Perhaps some delightful salmon pate on route.....

The Holy Grail Cat Chalice: is to be furnished from fine leaded crystal resplendent of Cumberland distinction.  Humans often refer to the shape as Brandy Snifter. Only the Queen of the Kingdom is allowed to partake of it's contents after her servant tests the royal morsels.

The word chalice derives from the Greek kalyx through the Latin calyx, in which it simply means ‘cup’. A chalice is, in fact, simply a cup meant to hold drinkable liquid, although it has come to have more specific connotations. Generally chalices are looked upon as religious objects, and in the modern world are most often associated with Christian masses, out of which the Eucharist wine is drunk.
The most common shape for a chalice is with a large bowl on top, with a stem that widens out as it goes down to a flat base. Most chalices have fairly wide bowls, but some are smaller, sometimes then referred to instead as a goblet. Because of its central place in the Mass, as well as its material beauty, the Christian chalice is usually treated with a great deal of respect and reverence.

Word back from the palace .......Sr. Sammy walked for miles on his 14 trek. The treasure buried was finally found in a remote location called "The Beaches"in sandy soil, partially dried elements were left in the archaeological dig.

Dusty, tired paws covered in sand and his coat and cape worn by the adventure.

Ah Bliss after Pampering

All in a Knights work. Resting my paws
 He was treated to the Royal treatment by grooming by the ladies in waiting, where his whiskers and coat were shone to perfection. 

A hearty dish and a smile from his Queen gave him the satisfaction of his noble duty.

Well, MY Darlings, I am delighted to be dining once again in Royal style.  Sr. Sammy is now on retreat after a valiant journey.

Queen Diva Nods to her Knight!

**Happy Mothers Day***

Next post: -- Afternoon at the Palace Royal.....what will it be like?


  1. Wonderful, Sir Knight! Well done... the boon looks ... interesting ... :)

    I look forward to the feasting afterwards! No doubt the knight was hungry after that long trek down the hallway--er desert!


    1. Dear SF Girl, thank you for your comments. Indeed, Sr. Knight received a hearty bowl of good meaty dinner after his treat. He was pampered and attended to by Diva's ladies in waiting. We shall prepare a feast for your arrival and party on! :)

  2. Oh my...I need a starry cape just like that. Maybe it would help me conquer the dragons that keep popping up in my life.

    1. Dear Esther: Arrhar, I think you need to be familiar with "Loc Ness" . Sr. Sammy saw her in the Moors on his journey and didn't get too close. Nessie is very good about protecting the innocent and tackling the dragons. We will send you 'Angel Messengers' to make you smile. They can sometimes appear as 'jewels on water' or 'sunshine on a window'. Take care thank you for your comments. Diva.