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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday Advice: The Beach - Flip Over Flip Flops!!!

May 31, 2012

Hello MY Darling!

Well, MY advise is simply this!

"Friday's are for having your friends, shut the door, take a nice car ride to the Beach!  May 31, a special day.....I dedicate this to my Auntie Karen....her birthday is today!

Check out the local ice-cream places (there are plenty)!!!

I'm ready for ICE CREAM!         Watch the human and children through the window, lick YOUR lips look sweetly (innocently) and your human companion might...might get you a little bowl of your own.
Hit the road running!

Well, well, yes we do have the occasional treat in MY kingdom, the shear fun is ENJOYING with those you love!
British Beach Huts

In England there is a special ice-cream affectionately called a "99".  Here is the "real scoop"  It used to cost that? The standard cone, filled with soft serve
Brighton Beach UK: Beloved "99" (cost 99 pence)

The "99" theory...according to my UK sources:  In the UK everybody knows what comes with a '99', but a newcomer to these shores who wonders at the name's provenance is sure to be baffled.

Earlier this week, a Magazine reader from London wrote in to ask this very question, prompting a flurry of responses - all positing different theories. So which is right?

The ice cream in question has gone by that name since 1930, when Cadbury's launched a shorter version of its Flake bar - called a Flake 99 - for the ice cream trade. 

Which does rather seem to blow one theory - that the bar is exactly 99mm long - out of the water. The UK is only now edging towards metrification - 70-odd years ago, everything was in imperial measures.

Ditto the suggestion that back in the day they cost 99p. True in the 1990s, but in 1930, nothing cost 99p - it was pre-decimalisation, remember.
Ness: Which flavor will I have today
Another theory goes that the initials of ice cream are IC, which is one way to write 99 in Roman numerals. But the convention is to write it XCIX - but it's possible this was ignored or not know. 

I wonder if anyone remembers "Magpie Ices" Ness Uncle George knew about that wonder she loves ice-cream!

Theories aside -- let's just wiggle our toes in the sand, have a picnic and fall asleep....(day dreaming)!

The valiant quest:  to try and eat  chocolate before the ice-cream melts and runs down your arm....squealing with laughter and delight!!!!  (well, yes that has happened to me...lots of time). 
 [Adults please don't read this it can be an be embarrassing]..

I love watching 2 and 3 year old children....all that melting ice cream around their's enough to make your roll on the floor laughing (without being tickled LOL)!!!

Like cats and catnip...........

Vanessa, Charlie, Harry circa 1961

My opinion you say. perhaps -- when I'm DONE!

Let's ask Ness for her opinion??

Well the Royal decree from the kingdom this week is:

"Go forth.....have fun......

Remember: to connect with friends and visit here soon!

Do what Cats do best -- HAVE FUN!

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