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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cali the Curious : Queen of the Towels and Towers - Post 101

"Cali the Curious"

Hello!  ^..^  I'm "Cali the Curious".  I'm 8 month old and incorrigible  (did some one say "A BALL").

I am Queen of the Towels and Towers, at least that's what my mum says.  I have a pile of 3 towels on my dresser and a huge vets fleece for sleeping.   I climb anything that isn't glued to the floor or nailed down...because I CAN and DO!

I have very fast paws that run like the wind and can climb ANY THING!!!  Five feet humans too!
I'm just thinking what mischief I can get into next!

Yes, I recently did a fine job of mountaineer running up sideways on a mattress that was put there for ME!

I actually didn't even think or worry my ears about it....
you see I was after a Dream Catcher hanging from the door way!

Kitten's like batteries need to recharge!
I think when I grow up a bit and I'm not chasing toy mice...I want to be a detective, journalist or maybe a writer.  I don't know yet - being 8 months old...I have a lot of exploring, hiding my toys, eating or drinking.    Who knows????

My mum called me the 'energizer' ....I wake around 4 every morning for a feeding, maybe throw around my worn and battered keeps hiding on me.

Which is not cool as I'm getting bigger and I get stuck under the sofa ......even though my waist is still petite.

I have learned how to: Stand upright on my back paws my my full height - this makes my 'mum' laugh as she tries to tickle my tummy. I  stand on chair, looking for toys, food or anything!  I'm a mastermind of the dreaded 'Crab Walk" to scare and intimidate her.  Traverse book cases in single bound.   Run like a mad monkey and terrorize my best friend 'Bop, Bop' (toy) who I treat like a kitten and play rough.

I observe my humans
hand movements and anticipate them. I know the 'signals'. I know when she doesn't have socks on and can pounce at her bear feet; screaming at me when she's not awake - before FIRST COFFEE _ MEOW. Don't you just love it...I do!! Meep, that is fun....

I love anything that moves, the television. the mouse that tries to talk to the computer. The clock on the wall keep my eyes in focus - until I get dizzy or get bored!  MEOW!

About cameras: I love the camera and my 'mum' will try to take photo's of me when I'm sleeping.  Sometimes a 'gal' has to have some privacy to I run under the bed and sleep for hours! Wouldn't you......???? ^,,^


^,,^Ok, Ok.  I just found out my mum entered me into this photo contest on "Modern Cat  Magazine" a friend of hers got her the magazine...yay!!!  I love to be the centre of attention - don't you?   VOTE FOR ME HERE PLEASE:   CLICK ON THE VOTING BUTTON.....You can vote for me and this will make my PAWS VERY HAPPY !!!!

You know I'm a none stop purring machine - in actual fact I haven't stopped singing since I was adopted int the summer or 12 of June, 2014. LOL.  .....
{Rattle rattle, GOTTA RUN - I hear the fridge door )......TIME TO EAT................

WE hope  you had a purfect CHRISTMAS  and are not too FULL OF TURKEY....!

See you in the New Year ^,,^.....follow me cause I'm CUTE AND CURIOUS! ^,,^

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Post 100. Curious Cali - Enter Stage Right

Pawsing for memories!
Well, Hello MY Darlings!

Fall brings us significant changes and delightful time to chasing through mounds of leaves that smell so earthy good!  Bringing back memories.

I love to lie on by back and view the birds.kites in the air! ...ummm tree climbing ..I'll leave that to my human (I love to see her palms sweet  as she climbs up the extension ladder LOL).
(Knock, knock, determined paws echo from the front door of my office)
 "Hello, Curious Cali (boundless energy) is that you, did you forget the entry code again?  "Hello, sorry I'm a bit late, distractions on the way" I have a story about Spider plants.    Did  you know I have hollow paws (I eat all the time, (smirking).

Curious Cali - Speaks

(Clearing her meow - meep, meep... she began)....I ran, stopped ...check my nails to make sure they were sharp.....(I ran like a hermit crab across the back of the sofa out of reach).  Scrambled up onto the book case, walked along and then jumped over the watering can (do you think obstacles will distract me) - no no....kitten can do anything (why do you think I watch the nature programs on TV -meow).  I viewed a huge spider plant for the taking....(oh delicious safe to eat greens - chomp, chomp).    In a bounding leap I jumped to the bookcase testing my legs I knew I could leap 2-3 feet (I practice on the credenza).

 I had to then traverse over a water can which was the length of my paws (umm). I found a space and walked over to the side of the plant out of sight and reach (LOL).

On my left was a prayer plant to use as a chandelier (No no, I've never been in circus - yet).

(think think....) I used my nose and whiskers balancing my tail in the air for leverage.... to guide me back.  Bonk, crash down went the books..on the floor....(human jumps out of her skin....with her eyes dagger with anger)......

Spider Plant: Chlorophytum comosum, often called the spider plant, airplane plant or hen-and-chickens, is a flowering perennial herb. It is native to tropical and southern Africa, but has become naturalized in other parts of the world, including western Australia. Chlorophytum comosum is easy to grow as a houseplant. Kingdom: Plantae  Classification: Asparaceae and is placed in the monocots. Always check with your vet and horticulture plant store about poisonous plants. Monitor you pets on a regular basis to ensure there health.   According to my sources, Spider plants are safe for cats. In fact, according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.), the spider plant is listed as non toxic to cats and other pets. Nonetheless, it is still advised that cats eating spider plant leaves may pose a potential risk.

I ran into the the voice in the distance...
"Cali it's 1 a.m. in the morning, bed time....." (sigh) I'll hide in the bathroom and play with the sink stopper.

Chlorophytum comosum
 "Well Cali that is quite the story, thank you for sharing".  "Ok" she meows running out the door.   "See you soon, off to play with my best friend 'bop, bop'. "

"Well Ok, be safe...come back in 1 hour, I have more research for you".  (sighing) "Meow........I have to eat first".

Look what I found on the internet......InspiredDesigns4YOU

(I guess this is so I don't get lost - memory locket...or maybe a pretty picture of me or your beloved companion)....me000www I want that chain.... "Cali, time to get back to work".....(sign...reluctant... kitten meow).
Memory Locket for Cats or Dogs

Catch me soon...

On the Diva Paws .

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Post 99: Cali's Corner: In the world of kittens - it's just another day

Hello MY Darlings:

I have been away on a little cat sabbatical
and enjoying the purfect time to revive, relax and get my paws on track.

I've invited my intern to reflect on her life as a kitten, it is by far a unique purspective.

It has been quite a while since I was her age and like her human counterparts (toddlers) they have their own ways of doing things!
We had a gathering around a 'warmed bowl of milk and decided her first post would be (short and sweet)!!!!  

Enter stage right:  "Cali"

Hello everyone (Cali here.....yawning stretching and gives a kitten meow, although voice is immature but her energy isn't).

More milk, more sleep PLEASE
 Well, I feel a bit shy, getting my paws wet (although I generally don't like water, especially when my human has a shower - it is far too noisy and it makes me jump).  I prefer to hid behind the shower curtain and make her jump when she comes out. I running and try to bit her toes .....meooowwww. Well, what else do with a 'moving object'.

She has one of those cool bathrobes with a long belt that I love to climb on she is not looking. I've seen children at the park swinging from ropes doing belly flops, forgetting to hang on tight and then doing big thud in the water!  I laughed so hard that I rolled around laughing, twisting by body from side to side, I had a good view from the tree.

It was very windy yesterday, lots of strange weather living near the lake.

Last night it was too quiet at home, so I created my own fun:
(I've been trying out my stalking routine' on my human, the 'crab walk' and 'evil eye' routine -meow that is so much fun).

Ohh I feel an energy serge after eating:
Laces were invented for Kittens
7:30 p.m. peep from behind the sofa and observe the human in the kitchen (she is going to the fridge;
7:35 p.m. tip to into the kitchen and jump on my humans back to the shoulder (her cue to respond and get me my dinner);
7:45 meow in her ear and purring... (that get her all the time);
7:50 point to the food being dished out and meow
7.52  Human says "mat mat"  I fly like a bullet into the living room, running through her feet and she tries to stand up juggling the food on the plate;
7:55 I gobble down the food like a vacuum cleaner....
8.00 She eats dinner, I run behind the soft running up and down (like a Wiesel)
8:10  Trying not to choke on her food, she yells at me, I ignore her LOL;

Well, are you going to throw the paper??
8:11  I run behind the sofa and run up the back and scare her silly (she jumped out of her skin, while holing onto a cup of tea)!!!!

8:12  I bolted on the living room chair, then onto the table, jump on the sofa arm and run behind the back.  I land on the table onto the other chair, standing on my hind legs to reach the nicely position pots of 'greens' (known as plants);

8.14 Human rattles a bag to get my attention, she chases me around the room, I make sure she gets her exercise - she needs it....humans are slow and not athletes;
8.17  I pick up my 'teddy bear' kick my back feet and bit the top of her head; I then carefully carry her across the room like a kitten hiding her in my 'tunnel' bed.
8.18 Opps time for a nap.........I look satisfied with myself. The room is full of catnip toys, a cat tent, pieces of rolled up paper (these are rejects from writing in the muse)...they are for me!!!!  ^..^!!

I'm learning how humans work and each day gets more exciting.

My first blog....meooow

After all, in my world, it's just another day in the world of an
'urban curious kitten'

^..^  Next week: I'll tell you what I did when ordered the Spider Plants...he he...^..^

Friday, June 20, 2014

PAW Prints: Imprinting on Human and Pet Lives

Pawtraits: Leaving an Impression
  • Hello My Darlings:
I have just been away on an extended trip.  This time it was for family reasons, my twin sibling Jenni has passed away after a lengthy illness.  Although we lives in different cities, we were so connected often using our 'cat intuition'.  I received lots of emails on this matter, so I thought I would write a gentle post.

I know this topic doesn't come up very often, in human and cat culture we don't often speak comfortably about death; passing, moving on into "Cat Heaven". Here we can discuss these matters, this is is a safe place we call cat sanctuary.

Cats and humans are not unlike, all of us leave a "paw prints" when we are born.... imprinting on our relationships, this continues as we journey along the road map of life.  Babies and kittens are born, they grow in body, size and develop into wonderful companions we call family.  The "Paw Prints" become memories, photo's, video's stored in our hearts for eternity...this I share from PURSONAL experience.  I'm sure you have your own.

Making a connection!!
The cycle of life is rich, with many journeys shared with humans, animals alike. We are inextricably 'connected' from the moments we meet through 'adoption', 'birth' the bonding begins at a very early age. We call this 'chemistry', the bonding begins the relationship is formed often for a long time.

Always remembering!!

Losing a loved one is very difficult, painful, as deep as any physical wound (I have counselled many human and cat parents on this matter).  Time is often the best healer.

Health in both human and the animal communities can be affected by age and disease, the best we can do is to reply on our Veterinary and Physicians for their advice and quality of care.

Aspects of Imprinting : Human    and Feline                                     
Cat Prints

Human Foot Print

Here is a list of steps to help with the grieving process (there is no right or wrong in this):
1). Recognize that 'grief' is real, honour the mourning stage, recognizing it is both emotional and physical;
2) Veterinarians ,Humans physicians and Clergy can provide - bereavement counselling. Thank you various clergy and to Downtown Animal Hospital  and Eden Counselling for their invaluable help and advise 
 3) Seek support from 'other furry friends'  and 'humans';

4) Be kind to yourself during this time;
5) There is often a need to fill the broken heart, to fill in that space that is missing;
6) Express yourself the best way you can: Do something creative as you move though the process: write, listen to music, you will know at the time;
7) Honour your beloved "pet"  that is appropriate for you;
8) Everyone will will have their own way of coping and moving on
9) Fill your heart with memories;
10) Time is the best healer

A great friend of mine J.P. McLean well known Canadian author sent me a note, which is a lovely thought:
"Pets when they die take a little piece of us when they go; this is so that THEY can find US

Other resources

We know that there is often that unspoken 'connection'
intuition that animals and humans often share.


We hope these resources will help you (thank you to my intern "Cali" for her assistance in using her young paws in gathering this information).

Kalamazoo (Cali) Intern at Large

Do remember the connection, the imprint of paws that each
one of us carries with us from the time we are born. Whether feline, canine or human the leave their signature where ever they have been in the world, city, shall dwell especially that place we call home.

 See you next time on the Diva Paws.....

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day - Time to PAWS

 Hello MY Darlings:  ^..^ we are 3 away from 100 posts ^..^!!

I was speaking to my human clients recently both in the office and through the magic portal of the internet (email).

Spring is in full swing as I perch and look outside my urban landscape.  There are twilight sky's of the morning break the sound with chirping baby birds, wanting to be fed.  Sea gulls squawking as in a conference vying for attention, if nothing else to wake up those sleepy humans!     Even though it is spring and the energies are wonderful, humans are still finding hard to balance and juggle.

I'm so lucky to be a 'DIVA'
Umm something is out of kilter.......they need to 'pencil in' in to their schedules.

Too many demands, turn off those 'cell phones' 'PD devices' and 'computers' for half-an hour, if you can go and have a massage or visit at a spa.

 I know we cats do not like water but we also benefit for all the attention which makes us feel so wonderful!

I know what is BEST FOR ME

What does it take humans? Do you have to utterly feel exhausted before you finally get it....LOL.   Simply follow your "Cat Diva" she has got it all in purspective!  Taking the page out of 'cat's book is the best thing you can do'.

Cat contemplation 'Cat Spa' here I come!
(Washing face as she reflects) I cancelled all my appointments for the day, was whisked myself off the the cat spa. 

Practice before ACTUAL HUMAN  FOOD
 May tends to be a busy time as patients book sessions to clear the decks for the June departure to their ^..^cottages.  YOU mean SALMON FISHING!^..^! Or just maybe, get my 'paws' poised to go 'double dipping' in any jugs of milk that are on tea trollies. LOL.

^..^~Benefits of massage: Both human and animals respond well massage, it is a very tactile was to communicate between the species. Diva cats love the attention and the more you give them the better they like it: 

Oh my, oh my...CAT SPA!!!!!

Cat massage can be beneficial to both feline and feline lover.Touching, petting, and stroking a cat stimulates the release of chemicals called cykokines which in turn signal the brain to release natural painkilling chemicals called endorphins .
Source: Cat House on

That tickles.....oh my oh my!
Egyptian Mau
The process of massaging a cat can be helpful in addressing minor aches and pains and generate a calming effect for the cat

Cats may show their pleasure by purring and gently kneading their paws on the massage.  Generally the human trained in observation, intuition and easy respond to the cat's need -
(I guess she was trained well by a Diva Cat LOL)???

She has a good grip on me - phew
Generally,  If this is a first visit to the spa the owner may wish to sit in on the massage, and after time with proper technique may due a gentle massage in consultation with the masseuse. Massaging the cat may also allow the owner to look for abnormalities that might appear on the cat's skin, finding areas of tenderness or swelling that could be the signs of a serious condition. The pressure applied during the massage may also alert the owner to areas of physical pain the cat is feeling

Massage can increase the mobility and flexibility in cats who suffer from arthritis. It may also be an alternative way to hasten the rehabilitation of a cat that has undergone surgery. Massage therapy has a positive impact on the cats' digestive system and their coat and skin. When the proper techniques are used, massages can relieve even constipation.  The masseuse will always take time to gain the feline or canine trust ^..^~! 

 To benefit from the spa experience both humans need to go home and relax, to allow the endorphins to do 'their job'.
A warm dish of milk for kitty or a dog chewy is a nice way to end the day.  One of my clients told me she actually bought 'cat wash cloths' to be used in the summer months to keep her cat cool.  These are 'PURFECT' for those cat parties and party favors or simply to use as a pillow.                   

 My client asked that I give the link to the shop, and I said 'that sounds purfect to me'.

If you are looking for cool wash cloths for your feline or canine trot your paws here: (click on the red East of Fifty - shop on Etsy.

Whatever way you look at it...Massage is really cool!

Thank you Sarah!
I love my East of Fifty wash cloths

Summary - Benefits of Massage

1) Ultimate relaxation;
2) Stimulates natural endorphins;
3) Calming;
4) Beneficial for the circulatory system'
5) Has the ability to make you feel purfect and well loved;
6) If both human, feline, and canine have massages they all sleep well and are happy with the 'well being' I'm LOVED.

Remember to look after each other, the love and attention you give each other will be rewarded unconditional love and devotion.

Until next time......Don't forget to 'follow the Diva Paws'...... if you missed MY last post it's here..^..^!