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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Post 99: Cali's Corner: In the world of kittens - it's just another day

Hello MY Darlings:

I have been away on a little cat sabbatical
and enjoying the purfect time to revive, relax and get my paws on track.

I've invited my intern to reflect on her life as a kitten, it is by far a unique purspective.

It has been quite a while since I was her age and like her human counterparts (toddlers) they have their own ways of doing things!
We had a gathering around a 'warmed bowl of milk and decided her first post would be (short and sweet)!!!!  

Enter stage right:  "Cali"

Hello everyone (Cali here.....yawning stretching and gives a kitten meow, although voice is immature but her energy isn't).

More milk, more sleep PLEASE
 Well, I feel a bit shy, getting my paws wet (although I generally don't like water, especially when my human has a shower - it is far too noisy and it makes me jump).  I prefer to hid behind the shower curtain and make her jump when she comes out. I running and try to bit her toes .....meooowwww. Well, what else do with a 'moving object'.

She has one of those cool bathrobes with a long belt that I love to climb on she is not looking. I've seen children at the park swinging from ropes doing belly flops, forgetting to hang on tight and then doing big thud in the water!  I laughed so hard that I rolled around laughing, twisting by body from side to side, I had a good view from the tree.

It was very windy yesterday, lots of strange weather living near the lake.

Last night it was too quiet at home, so I created my own fun:
(I've been trying out my stalking routine' on my human, the 'crab walk' and 'evil eye' routine -meow that is so much fun).

Ohh I feel an energy serge after eating:
Laces were invented for Kittens
7:30 p.m. peep from behind the sofa and observe the human in the kitchen (she is going to the fridge;
7:35 p.m. tip to into the kitchen and jump on my humans back to the shoulder (her cue to respond and get me my dinner);
7:45 meow in her ear and purring... (that get her all the time);
7:50 point to the food being dished out and meow
7.52  Human says "mat mat"  I fly like a bullet into the living room, running through her feet and she tries to stand up juggling the food on the plate;
7:55 I gobble down the food like a vacuum cleaner....
8.00 She eats dinner, I run behind the soft running up and down (like a Wiesel)
8:10  Trying not to choke on her food, she yells at me, I ignore her LOL;

Well, are you going to throw the paper??
8:11  I run behind the sofa and run up the back and scare her silly (she jumped out of her skin, while holing onto a cup of tea)!!!!

8:12  I bolted on the living room chair, then onto the table, jump on the sofa arm and run behind the back.  I land on the table onto the other chair, standing on my hind legs to reach the nicely position pots of 'greens' (known as plants);

8.14 Human rattles a bag to get my attention, she chases me around the room, I make sure she gets her exercise - she needs it....humans are slow and not athletes;
8.17  I pick up my 'teddy bear' kick my back feet and bit the top of her head; I then carefully carry her across the room like a kitten hiding her in my 'tunnel' bed.
8.18 Opps time for a nap.........I look satisfied with myself. The room is full of catnip toys, a cat tent, pieces of rolled up paper (these are rejects from writing in the muse)...they are for me!!!!  ^..^!!

I'm learning how humans work and each day gets more exciting.

My first blog....meooow

After all, in my world, it's just another day in the world of an
'urban curious kitten'

^..^  Next week: I'll tell you what I did when ordered the Spider Plants...he he...^..^


  1. Cali's corner - purrfect. Sounds like Cali keeps her human very busy.

    1. Dear J.P ^..^!!! My paws are tired from playing all day. So my human is replying. Thank you so much for your kind comments, it has me 'purring'. Oh yes, although I look like I'm sleeping...I'm crafting what chaos I can cause next.....^..^....!! She isn't a 'high flyer' after all. LOL. Please drop in again sooonnnn.