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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cali the Curious : Queen of the Towels and Towers - Post 101

"Cali the Curious"

Hello!  ^..^  I'm "Cali the Curious".  I'm 8 month old and incorrigible  (did some one say "A BALL").

I am Queen of the Towels and Towers, at least that's what my mum says.  I have a pile of 3 towels on my dresser and a huge vets fleece for sleeping.   I climb anything that isn't glued to the floor or nailed down...because I CAN and DO!

I have very fast paws that run like the wind and can climb ANY THING!!!  Five feet humans too!
I'm just thinking what mischief I can get into next!

Yes, I recently did a fine job of mountaineer running up sideways on a mattress that was put there for ME!

I actually didn't even think or worry my ears about it....
you see I was after a Dream Catcher hanging from the door way!

Kitten's like batteries need to recharge!
I think when I grow up a bit and I'm not chasing toy mice...I want to be a detective, journalist or maybe a writer.  I don't know yet - being 8 months old...I have a lot of exploring, hiding my toys, eating or drinking.    Who knows????

My mum called me the 'energizer' ....I wake around 4 every morning for a feeding, maybe throw around my worn and battered keeps hiding on me.

Which is not cool as I'm getting bigger and I get stuck under the sofa ......even though my waist is still petite.

I have learned how to: Stand upright on my back paws my my full height - this makes my 'mum' laugh as she tries to tickle my tummy. I  stand on chair, looking for toys, food or anything!  I'm a mastermind of the dreaded 'Crab Walk" to scare and intimidate her.  Traverse book cases in single bound.   Run like a mad monkey and terrorize my best friend 'Bop, Bop' (toy) who I treat like a kitten and play rough.

I observe my humans
hand movements and anticipate them. I know the 'signals'. I know when she doesn't have socks on and can pounce at her bear feet; screaming at me when she's not awake - before FIRST COFFEE _ MEOW. Don't you just love it...I do!! Meep, that is fun....

I love anything that moves, the television. the mouse that tries to talk to the computer. The clock on the wall keep my eyes in focus - until I get dizzy or get bored!  MEOW!

About cameras: I love the camera and my 'mum' will try to take photo's of me when I'm sleeping.  Sometimes a 'gal' has to have some privacy to I run under the bed and sleep for hours! Wouldn't you......???? ^,,^


^,,^Ok, Ok.  I just found out my mum entered me into this photo contest on "Modern Cat  Magazine" a friend of hers got her the magazine...yay!!!  I love to be the centre of attention - don't you?   VOTE FOR ME HERE PLEASE:   CLICK ON THE VOTING BUTTON.....You can vote for me and this will make my PAWS VERY HAPPY !!!!

You know I'm a none stop purring machine - in actual fact I haven't stopped singing since I was adopted int the summer or 12 of June, 2014. LOL.  .....
{Rattle rattle, GOTTA RUN - I hear the fridge door )......TIME TO EAT................

WE hope  you had a purfect CHRISTMAS  and are not too FULL OF TURKEY....!

See you in the New Year ^,,^.....follow me cause I'm CUTE AND CURIOUS! ^,,^


  1. Sweet Cali. Good for you keeping your mom on her toes. She won't get into as much trouble that way. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi JP: (purring) Oh she needs it. As she was putting up Christmas cards on the door, I jumper on her shoulders to make sure she was doing it right. Besides which I had to get at the Dream Catcher hanging from the door frame (meow) now that was fun! I save "my" getting into trouble at bedtime.....^..^! Thanks for writing in....