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Friday, March 20, 2015

Cali the Curious #2 - Spring Cleaning - Fur Balls, Toys and Other Charged Particles!

^..^!  Well hello! Welcome to my blog and happy Spring to all kittens, felines, canine, four legged creatures and beloved "Pet Parents".  I'm curious - aren't you .....^..^!
I am so excited you see sitting from my window, playing with the vertical blinds (driving my pet parent crazy - it's only 7 a.m.).

For the first time in months, my pet parent carefully opened the living room windows enticing me to 'sniff' the fresh air, it feels wonderful on my nose and whiskers!
Well, I just managed to grab the cord from the chandelier lamp, bending over from the window sill...not a good thing to do generally after eating, but then kittens have amazing power of balance and digestion (don't they)??? 
Spring arrives at dinner time March 20 2015
 Meow, I'm only 11 months and still learning all of this!  I slipped scaring my self silly, running across the living room carpet, to my pet parent with eyes wide open as a squirrel ^..^!  She seems to take it all in her stride, since this is the first official day of Spring, March 20, I am full of energy.  Spring will arrive officially at 6.45 p.m tonight just in time for my dinner - yummy!

^..^...I'm sitting here grooming which I dictate this blog to my pet parent -- ummm, I'm enjoying grooming on the sofa then I sneak behind the laptop to make sure she is still typing..l\o c8c0x088 (oh that is me walking across the keyboard...a little variety is good for kittens, always plenty to explore.
A little moisture evaporates
^..^....A little 'kitten advice'. This is shedding season for kitten and cats, which means 'fur ball' issues. Getting rid of the winter fur is a challenge, it happens naturally.  We can't digest the fur and this sometimes gets trapped in our intestinal track.  It is the season to be giving (lol ^..^).  My pet parent has been very kind offering little fur ball treats (broken up small, and this morning I has a delicious salmon paste - yummy).

I'm pleased too that the humidifier has been adjusted to 30-35% as it was the 'charge of the light brigade' with static shock, which created 'bad hair days', me flying across the room and staying in one place  (lying on paper as a neutral position):
Thanks to for the inspiration.

The science of it all! "Protons, neutrons and electrons are very different from each other. They have their own properties, or characteristics. One of these properties is called an electrical charge. Protons have what we call a "positive" (+) charge. Electrons have a "negative" (-) charge. Neutrons have no charge, they are neutral.
The charge of one proton is equal in strength to the charge of one electron. When the number of protons in an atom equals the number of electrons, the atom itself has no overall charge, it is neutral.

So what are atoms made of? In the middle of each atom is a "nucleus." The nucleus contains two kinds of tiny particles, called protons and neutrons. Orbiting around the nucleus are even smaller particles called electrons. The 115 (the #5 looks like me sitting on the window sill LOL) kinds of atoms are different from each other because they have different numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons.

Static electricity is common when the air is dry and the humidity is low, so it is a much more frequent problem in the winter months when the air is cold and dry, and indoor heating removes moisture from the air. Problem static electricity can also occur year-round in places with a dry climate. Your pet’s fur will build up a small electrical charge, and sometimes the fur may even visibly stand on-end. When you touch your pet, you both may receive a small shock.
"Playing in the Neutral Zone" LOL

Not surprisingly, the solution is to add moisture back to your environment and/or your pet’s fur. A room humidifier will add needed moisture to the air, reducing static electricity. A light mist of water on your pet’s fur will make the fur incapable of holding a static charge. You can also add moisture to your pet’s fur by bathing a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, you can also get ionic brushes to help eliminate this Also, consider adding an Omega 3 fatty acid supplement to your pet’s diet to keep his coat healthy, shiny and moisturized from the inside-out".

Always check with your Veterinarian or friendly technician on these issues. 
Well after all this I'm off to EAT and get a snack - meow!! Stretching my paws and running to my food station!!! ^..^!

Courtesy: Lois Wain - Spring Cleaning
Whether you are a kitten, cat, canine
or pet parent, Spring is wonderful!

Please take extra care to keep things like:

Q-tips (kittens love to chew on the ends of the cotton): string, elastic bands away from your beloved pet children, as they can cause serious GI issues.

My loving pet parent is extra careful and we often play on the carpet together, with all my lovely toys.  Do take care until next time run around the room, chase your pet parent and keep your white paws shinny and clean!  

We love to have your comments, 'tap your paws away and let us know what you think (wiggling whiskers)!!
Its time to play - enjoy your day! Happy PAWS!
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  2. just darling!! love these stories.


  3. It's always a hoot reading about the latest antics from Cali. Happy Spring!

  4. Thank you Tiffany this is your first visit (pur pur). thank you so much for loving my stories, we love to make you smile! Come back soon, anytime you are ready!

  5. Thank you JP, you are an amazing author, you know she keeps me awake reading way into the night and I have to put my paw over my head to hide the light! ^,,^
    I have figured out how to take over the sofa now, so my pet parent has to sit on the floor like a kid ^,,^ what a hoot!