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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Curious Cali - Human Step Ladder - or What I Did to Get Her Attention ^..^!

Hi Curious Cali here....(yawn)!  I was just outside playing in the field chasing a few mice!

I'm a natural climber and have no problems about heights, I leap and bound on furniture traverse across cabinets
and spy from above!

My kitten voice sends out the odd 'meep' when I want something, but I never disclose my
hiding places!!!! LOL

The spring air has given me lots of energy .......
I love to stand on my hind legs (I guess watching too many dog cartoons - LOL).
Did you know that your 'human parent' makes a great step ladder.  That's can.   A vertical jump in stages is the best, just make sure your claws are nice and sharp to dig into the clothing!

I always like to see what MY human is doing, especially a meal times, when I want to see what I'm getting for my meal!  This brings you closer to the food and to use all your senses: eyes, nose and paws if you can get that close. LOL

I'm naturally athletic by nature, and I dine on on my own space called a Credenza!  It comes complete with a table cloth and I'm left to my own devices to 'eat' and 'wash up'
after (that is my face).  I don't do dishes and will never learn
despite the fact I am smart. ^..^.

Now the first time I made this leap into the heavens was bit scary,
I don't have a safety net and like great human acrobatics....
it's all in the nerve..and my whiskers help that along nicely!

The funniest thing was when I got caught in my pet parents clothing!

I was literally stuck, I thought she had arms like an orangutan -- not so I found out.  I meeped and let her know and she managed talk to me softly with reassurance. Then gently secured me
to safety. 

Jemina from Cats
After all
that excitement, I ate and there was no tomorrow!

I know my mentor "Jemina" from cats would have been impressed with my efforts  Cat "Moonlight"  

After a few days, I managed to get my 'kitten nerve' up again and with practice was able to make the leap in three stages: legs, upper back and mid back.    This was great fun and if you are going to practice the 'step ladder' make sure you try it with your kitten friends but don't hurt yourself.  

Life as a kitten can be quite fun, no need for 'fancy' toys, when you have: a sideboard, sofa, wall unit and a human to provide plenty of playtime.  When you get tired you can 'cat nap' or chase that ball of paper around the living room at 3 a.m. to impress!!!
Cali - Nap Time

Food time: Well, attention seeking behavior is always in your best interest when it's food time.......^..^....!

I thought I'd better get my paws moving, by writing today - otherwise I may not get (supper)???  (Yeh, I know my pet parent too well........she is too good to me LOL)!!!!

Put your PAWS together and come on over and visit, play and share some food here.  We love to have your comments too.   Send me a PAW note if you have story ideas or want to share!


  1. Good for you Cali! It's important to always keep your "people" on their toes.

  2. Good for you Cali! It's important to always keep your "people" on their toes.

  3. Hello JP: Cali here! I'm sitting on my pet parents chair (meow). I love your comments 'yea' keep the stress factor going for your human. Actually, sitting on my pet parents shoulder allows for the gently neck rubs. LOL

  4. Thank you Kathy, so much for your Purfect comments! We delight in you doing so!

  5. We are still here...Cali keeps me on my PAWS! We will be having new posts very soon! Keep watching ^,,^