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Friday, September 18, 2015

Cat the Curious - September Post - You Asked? Yes, I love to Keep My Pet Parent Awake!

Hello, Meow.

This is Cali (the Curious).....I've had a very busy summer playing......on the road and keeping my "Pet Parent" up most nights.  It has been very hot and I'm glad it's a bit less humid.  Not like I can take my coat off ...try wearing a fur coat in 30 degree weather (100 F). No cats don't wear bathing suits either......  I'm not fond of 'showers' as I don't like water or getting splashed in the face.  Talk about bad hair day for whiskers...go ahead try'll know what I mean.   I won't go to the Pet Groomer they often have 'dogs' and I prefer to groom myself naturally.  Nothing worse than the smell of a wet dog...yuck......

Oh people have been asking ...are cats really nocturnal (all the more reason to see you in the dark). Well, yes.... I am nocturnal by nature, and love to play at 1 - 2 a.m. which means no sleep for some! My human counterpart is too, although she won't admit it.  I have her on her hands and knees throwing rubber balls at me, she is pretty good for a human.  Her night slight or sense of smell isn't as good as mine, so she has to always adapt...LOL.

I have these marvellous rubber balls that are so's not the same as a live mouse..but I make them move like they are.   I can catch them meeting them in mid-air, pouncing....with two paws...yesterday, I jumped
2 feet catching was so easy.   I then spent the next 30 minutes annoying my pet parent as I chased them all over the apartment LOL.

 You get the idea,  I actually have these hidden is all the awkward places, under the sofa........behind the sofa, under the video cabinet. I tuck them so she will have to craw on her belly to use a stick to get them out. LOL.  Some humans will do anything to get attention...I just love it...don't you!!!

 The last count was 8 and even the reserve she keeps on the glass jar...has been used up!!
I have 12 of these all around the apartment - like Easter EGGS.  I think I will call hit 'Humans Go Fetch'!  She will have to go to the Pet Store and beg the manager to get more in LOL! 
I have really long body and legs capture anything!

Oh yeessss, I'm trying out the screen on the window to see if my nails will actually cling to the netting...LOL
I pretend to get caught up and my human runs all the way from the living room to rescue me (LOL, doesn't she know it's a trick to see how she will react)?  I may only be 16 months old but, I am learning very quickly.
I have a friend who is a clinical psychologist and I often get good tips from her on 'Human Behavior' and how to push buttons!

Last night it was 2 a.m. I could smell the milk being warmed on the stove....I watched my Pet Parent close her eyes and drink slowly..thinking this would help her sleep -- LOL ...little did she know.....

I love to play with my friend "Boppy"
she is my kitten we spend hours, frolicking
and surprising my pet parent.

Lets face it I can sleep during the day
I have a round tunnel, a super soft pet bed
and even under the bed - when I want 'time out'

Life can be pretty good for an urban cat .....
just keep your whiskers twitching and paws ready to pounce..there are always toes to chase and toes to give an affectionate bite...LOL

What will happen to my human tonight.......we'll if she's not reading this then she will never figure it out -- cause I keep learning...aren't you just curious...

More stories soon, when my human gives me something to write about....

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  1. You should think about teaching a pet parent training class.

    1. Oh my goodness JP I have never thought about that. Now we know that if Cali was doing the actual teaching.....the place would be bedlam!!! I haven't taught her to a 'walk up' stepladders as yet! LOL

  2. Dear Miss Cali you look so innocent...are you and how do you outwit your pet parent?

  3. sounds like my cat , she was like that,

  4. I agree with JP! That's a wonderful idea! This was great reading for someone with two cats of her own.


  5. Yes, Virginia....Cali is getting smarter and smarter, which means I have to think up more schemes!

  6. Oh hello 'EarthLites' how kind of you to comment. Do drop in again and comment on our other posts. We have been very busy since the fall in preps for Christmas and thereafter! I've just posted a new one. You are welcome to contact me anytime, for I am just simply 'washing my paws'. Cali ^..^!