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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cali the Curious Cat January 2016: Anything that looks like a ball must be?

I'm purfecting what to do next!!
Cali the Curious Cat January 2015!

Well, I have been learning, growing and playing since my last post!

Mum don't move, I have your laces!

I'm a feisty, independent Calico/Tabby/Maine Coon (did someone say H20)????

I had a fabulous Christmas, I really understood what a artificial tree can be used for:  1) A great hiding place 2) A place to watch your human parent and to poke at her as she walks by 'calling your name'.   3). It's a great place for storing 'Tomatoes, and Avocado's'.

Avocado Persea americana

Solanum lycopersicum  (deadly nighshade) 

When she is not looking, simply roll them off the window ledge (honestly, they aren't very heavy...they look like the bouncy rubber balls I have to play with).   I don't know the shape of the avocado looks like a 'human sat on it' (meow, meow)! LOL

She never know what will happen when I'm around!
Did you know the Avocado is also known as an Alligator Pear (yikes) I'm not staying around for that one (I'd have a 'hissy fit' for sure or hide)!

I'm the Queen of Toys, anything Round!
I simply lob any items along my path on the window sill with my big paws! Bonk, bonk, I heard my human 'nattering' 'talking to herself' "Cali did you see the vegetable I left to ripen in the sun".  (Dead silence from me.....what did she think.....I reveal my secrets....meow)! 
She was walking around all for 2 days ..just as well it might have eventually disappeared into the carpet. LOL

Now that the tree is down, I will have to be more creative!!

Simply wrap your paws around these stories of will have your purring!

Any stories you wish to have featured, don't forget to comment that makes us purr too!


I love to be Cali's Mentor and teach her about Humans!
Next time I will teach you how to wake up your pet parent without an electric alarm clock (meow).  I am smart, a great hunter and love to get into 'cat mischief'.  

Remember to follow me here I'm now officially the Resident Intern.....!


  1. Can't wait to hear your tips about how you wake up your human!!
    Yours truly - Mika (I will take notes)

  2. Hi Cali, Molly here. Tomato and avocado salad is overrated. Stick with the ball/toy idea - way more fun.

  3. I love this story,Cali is growing up so fast , and she is just purrfict

  4. Dear Anonymous. Oh wait for the next blog there will be more on 'How to Wake Your Human' it's no different than stalking birds or any pray, its often in the strategy..!!!! ^..^!

  5. Dear Molly! Got it thanks for the advice, I have to try 'all items that look like they might move...including tapping my human's head in the morning! More later....if you have any story topics write back! ^..^ thank you!

  6. Hello Auntie Virginia! Thank you, yes I am growing.....I have lots of toys and love to hear from you ^..^!