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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day - Time to PAWS

 Hello MY Darlings:  ^..^ we are 3 away from 100 posts ^..^!!

I was speaking to my human clients recently both in the office and through the magic portal of the internet (email).

Spring is in full swing as I perch and look outside my urban landscape.  There are twilight sky's of the morning break the sound with chirping baby birds, wanting to be fed.  Sea gulls squawking as in a conference vying for attention, if nothing else to wake up those sleepy humans!     Even though it is spring and the energies are wonderful, humans are still finding hard to balance and juggle.

I'm so lucky to be a 'DIVA'
Umm something is out of kilter.......they need to 'pencil in' in to their schedules.

Too many demands, turn off those 'cell phones' 'PD devices' and 'computers' for half-an hour, if you can go and have a massage or visit at a spa.

 I know we cats do not like water but we also benefit for all the attention which makes us feel so wonderful!

I know what is BEST FOR ME

What does it take humans? Do you have to utterly feel exhausted before you finally get it....LOL.   Simply follow your "Cat Diva" she has got it all in purspective!  Taking the page out of 'cat's book is the best thing you can do'.

Cat contemplation 'Cat Spa' here I come!
(Washing face as she reflects) I cancelled all my appointments for the day, was whisked myself off the the cat spa. 

Practice before ACTUAL HUMAN  FOOD
 May tends to be a busy time as patients book sessions to clear the decks for the June departure to their ^..^cottages.  YOU mean SALMON FISHING!^..^! Or just maybe, get my 'paws' poised to go 'double dipping' in any jugs of milk that are on tea trollies. LOL.

^..^~Benefits of massage: Both human and animals respond well massage, it is a very tactile was to communicate between the species. Diva cats love the attention and the more you give them the better they like it: 

Oh my, oh my...CAT SPA!!!!!

Cat massage can be beneficial to both feline and feline lover.Touching, petting, and stroking a cat stimulates the release of chemicals called cykokines which in turn signal the brain to release natural painkilling chemicals called endorphins .
Source: Cat House on

That tickles.....oh my oh my!
Egyptian Mau
The process of massaging a cat can be helpful in addressing minor aches and pains and generate a calming effect for the cat

Cats may show their pleasure by purring and gently kneading their paws on the massage.  Generally the human trained in observation, intuition and easy respond to the cat's need -
(I guess she was trained well by a Diva Cat LOL)???

She has a good grip on me - phew
Generally,  If this is a first visit to the spa the owner may wish to sit in on the massage, and after time with proper technique may due a gentle massage in consultation with the masseuse. Massaging the cat may also allow the owner to look for abnormalities that might appear on the cat's skin, finding areas of tenderness or swelling that could be the signs of a serious condition. The pressure applied during the massage may also alert the owner to areas of physical pain the cat is feeling

Massage can increase the mobility and flexibility in cats who suffer from arthritis. It may also be an alternative way to hasten the rehabilitation of a cat that has undergone surgery. Massage therapy has a positive impact on the cats' digestive system and their coat and skin. When the proper techniques are used, massages can relieve even constipation.  The masseuse will always take time to gain the feline or canine trust ^..^~! 

 To benefit from the spa experience both humans need to go home and relax, to allow the endorphins to do 'their job'.
A warm dish of milk for kitty or a dog chewy is a nice way to end the day.  One of my clients told me she actually bought 'cat wash cloths' to be used in the summer months to keep her cat cool.  These are 'PURFECT' for those cat parties and party favors or simply to use as a pillow.                   

 My client asked that I give the link to the shop, and I said 'that sounds purfect to me'.

If you are looking for cool wash cloths for your feline or canine trot your paws here: (click on the red East of Fifty - shop on Etsy.

Whatever way you look at it...Massage is really cool!

Thank you Sarah!
I love my East of Fifty wash cloths

Summary - Benefits of Massage

1) Ultimate relaxation;
2) Stimulates natural endorphins;
3) Calming;
4) Beneficial for the circulatory system'
5) Has the ability to make you feel purfect and well loved;
6) If both human, feline, and canine have massages they all sleep well and are happy with the 'well being' I'm LOVED.

Remember to look after each other, the love and attention you give each other will be rewarded unconditional love and devotion.

Until next time......Don't forget to 'follow the Diva Paws'...... if you missed MY last post it's here..^..^!


  1. Wow this was very wonderful. I really enjoyed it.

  2. We welcome you 'dewdrop' and thank you for your pawfect comments! ^..^ We love to hear from all our fans, due invite your 'human friends and canine' ones. ^..^!