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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day - Boxing Day

Hello MY Darlings!

Well, it has been a flurry of activity the past few days!!!

Christmas and Boxing day have tumbled like a moss gathering
hugging a stone!!!! LOL.

The activities of going to bed in the wee hours of the morning
have given way CURLING ON MY BED AT 11:00 P.M. A gentle bowing stretch, a warm bowl of milk - slips into magic world 'cat dreams'!!

The flurry of flying wrapping paper, monitoring kitchen staff and cooking
into a mode of 'R E L A X A T I O N'.


I guarded the kitchen today, in ANTICIPATION of the "Free Range Organic Chicken".  No matter what I did to try and get her attention, MY human staff ignored me.

 I  was beside myself with the OVERPOWERING smells: chicken, sage and onion, carrots, asparagus (MY favorite).  I had to let of steam - so I ran around getting dizzy!!!!  I thought my nose would explode!!!!! LOL

Organic Free Range Chicken: I didn't have to capture!

Finally, plates heaped with morsels were carried to the table (I sat poised ready to HEAP, displaying stealth and agility).      
Organic Catnip Mouse

Oh my I can hardly contain myself!!!!!

A little play time waiting for MY Christmas dinner and the unwrapping of gifts provided lots of MEOWS of D E L I G H T!!

Wrapped in a moment of JOY
 Oh my, OH MY,  intoxicating aroma of catnip -- has my senses in a frenzy...............(eyes rolling, mouth drooling - ??? Someone is laughing at me)????

Well, I hear a 'winter storm is brewing"....I'm tucking PAWS in for the EVENING, CURL UP AND WATCH A MOVIE!

MY DARLINGS.......&^..^%


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We are gearing up for NEW YEARS EVE!!!!  Bring out the bagpipes!!!!!!!

PARTIE ON...................M E O W!!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve - December 24, 2012

All done and dusted we are ready for CHRISTMAS!

Hello MY Darlings!

It's Christmas Eve and I have made it!

All the shopping is done, presents wrapped,
homemade cranberry sauce is resting in the fridge like a soft wind surrounding the Canadian Rockies!

The musical dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies echo's gently in the background. Drifting into the evening like a flowing cape against the back-of the night sky.

Strategy: How to make space under the tree?
I of course am whining (howling) as I know there is a Organic Chicken in the fridge.  My housekeeper has taken away the key to the larder as she know I will snoop!!!

There isn't much room under the tree anymore....

I've promised to be very good and not snoop

I take "Great comfort and joy" that everything is done!!  I expect you have had a busy time too, and perhaps like me am a little exhausted!

Well-deserved Cat nip - break - phew....

Well, the phone and email correspondence has been busy, family and friends calling.  This is a lovely time of the year to 'natter' (not a birds)
and have as the Brits say "have a chin wag"!!

Stories around the fire and a little 'smile' as humans call it.  I will have a warm dish of MILK!

Snack Size
We have many blessings to be thankful for (chicken, turkey, catnip, a warm place to sleep and a residence groomer and if you are lucky a "Lady in Waiting)!

Countess Von Whippet

MY young countess Whippet friend said "Always leave a little room, push yourself away from the table when full".....

MY Auntie Ness loves these
Have a wonderful Christmas MY darlings, peace, joy and much now and tuck those paws in for a good-night sleep.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner - Darlings!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Well, my DARLINGS!  I've designated MY servants to do the Q and A on the Christmas check lists!

It's all looking PUR-FECT:

> Gifts are being wrapped
> Cards written and ready for mailing

> I'm checking the softness of the fleece of the "Tree Skirt" (did someone say SKIRT...I LOVE TO DRESS UP). Party, party on!!!

>Music is playing...snooozeeeeeee
>Replies are waiting from INVITATIONS
pi>Streaming parties awaiting Dec 21, 2012??
Cat's Eye's only Cool

Trees, come in different shapes, sizes (just like humans LOL)!! . The traditional 'natural trees' are my favorite . I love to run up and sniff the pine needles. (Thinking...ummmm) Oh yes......the last time I did this I got sap stuck to my nose, then a piece of wrapping paper got attached!!!!!!  I kept sneezing and sneezing (piff, piff, HELP), my "Lady in Waiting" came to my assistance.

We now have the artificial ones, which are better suited to my disposition!
I love the new LED lights, these are extra, blue, pink find out more on my next blog post what colour will they be???

"T'was the Night Before Christmas, not a creature was stirring not even a MOUSE"....."

Cozy and warm, the promises to come:

Gather around DEAR MY DARLINGS........with a warm saucer of milk or a your favorite

There is 'butter' in the pastry!! YUM
Tipple or two..........................Mince tarts!!!!

Mojito Grand Marnier
> Short list of food/chicken/fish/pate and wine is done>

 If you can't get your "Head Butler" or "Chef" to make the link is at the above!!  I must tell my good friend "Toulouse Le Trek the Cool Cat". 
He is a connoisseur of extraordinary travel and food/wine consultant.

The :REAL Christmas Story comes to mind
Tune in next week  Christmas EVE----Christmas blogging!!!!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Day in the Park - Paws Wide Open!!

Once upon an Autumnal day I decided to give the chauffeur the afternoon off.  'James' had no idea of my plans and I wasn't about to tell him.

Dropping me off at Toogood Park in Toronto, the adventure was just about to begin.

I decided to re-live my kitten days by frockling in the leaves....purrhaps sniff out some 'flying squirrels'...a little snacky for my afternoon tea. Did someone say Souvlacki...

What adventures awaited me in this new playground outside of my kingdom..

only at playful kitten knows for sure!!!
Ah Squirrel Nests - possibly!
Riding the rails of Life...dare me!
A good run and scurry, wide open spaces.  My paws were itching to feel the wood under my feet (dig, dig, dig and free manicure)!!

What you expect me to fit!
I had visions of borrowing my cousins skate board, to hug the rails
(shakes head back to reality -- ok ok, leave that to the kids)!!

Maybe they will have to `shrink wrap` get me into the tree....I don`t think I`ll fit. I don`t have a head for heights!!!!

UMMM.......Well I could of brought my understudy along.  
Phew this is too much work.......better do some hunting for ( stomach growing - warning, warning  `Snack Attack`. Diva athlete stretches, into Yoga poses ready for ACTION)......

Very nice of nature to provide all the amenities!!
Menu board - very nice!
Boxed Lunch
 What do you mean -- can you swim.....of course I can!  I simply get the chauffeur to jump in and do the hunting -- what did  you expect (looking up at the ceiling)!!!  Oh yeah, he is off until 6:00 p.m. (sigh)!!

Super Size ME

Well, after much effort I realized hunting was much to be desired!

Ah yes, MY secret compartment of my IPHONE has GREENIES snacks....saved by the say..........or else I`d have to bribe Auntie Nessie for money!!!  Next time, I`ll be in good with the game keeper!

Feeling rather tired I spotted a nice cozy bench.  The smell of the leaves was so overpowering After all the fab fresh air I`m ready.............................fir a wee CAT NAP..................
Capturing a CAT BENCH
James: YOU bring the car!!!

Well, MY darlings it was quite a day..........(excuse me YAWN).

See you next time - be sure to visit my other blogs articles...we love your comments!!!

(Just in case I made you hungry......follow this link Cat Grass and Salad Stuff