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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner - Darlings!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Well, my DARLINGS!  I've designated MY servants to do the Q and A on the Christmas check lists!

It's all looking PUR-FECT:

> Gifts are being wrapped
> Cards written and ready for mailing

> I'm checking the softness of the fleece of the "Tree Skirt" (did someone say SKIRT...I LOVE TO DRESS UP). Party, party on!!!

>Music is playing...snooozeeeeeee
>Replies are waiting from INVITATIONS
pi>Streaming parties awaiting Dec 21, 2012??
Cat's Eye's only Cool

Trees, come in different shapes, sizes (just like humans LOL)!! . The traditional 'natural trees' are my favorite . I love to run up and sniff the pine needles. (Thinking...ummmm) Oh yes......the last time I did this I got sap stuck to my nose, then a piece of wrapping paper got attached!!!!!!  I kept sneezing and sneezing (piff, piff, HELP), my "Lady in Waiting" came to my assistance.

We now have the artificial ones, which are better suited to my disposition!
I love the new LED lights, these are extra, blue, pink find out more on my next blog post what colour will they be???

"T'was the Night Before Christmas, not a creature was stirring not even a MOUSE"....."

Cozy and warm, the promises to come:

Gather around DEAR MY DARLINGS........with a warm saucer of milk or a your favorite

There is 'butter' in the pastry!! YUM
Tipple or two..........................Mince tarts!!!!

Mojito Grand Marnier
> Short list of food/chicken/fish/pate and wine is done>

 If you can't get your "Head Butler" or "Chef" to make the link is at the above!!  I must tell my good friend "Toulouse Le Trek the Cool Cat". 
He is a connoisseur of extraordinary travel and food/wine consultant.

The :REAL Christmas Story comes to mind
Tune in next week  Christmas EVE----Christmas blogging!!!!

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