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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve - December 24, 2012

All done and dusted we are ready for CHRISTMAS!

Hello MY Darlings!

It's Christmas Eve and I have made it!

All the shopping is done, presents wrapped,
homemade cranberry sauce is resting in the fridge like a soft wind surrounding the Canadian Rockies!

The musical dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies echo's gently in the background. Drifting into the evening like a flowing cape against the back-of the night sky.

Strategy: How to make space under the tree?
I of course am whining (howling) as I know there is a Organic Chicken in the fridge.  My housekeeper has taken away the key to the larder as she know I will snoop!!!

There isn't much room under the tree anymore....

I've promised to be very good and not snoop

I take "Great comfort and joy" that everything is done!!  I expect you have had a busy time too, and perhaps like me am a little exhausted!

Well-deserved Cat nip - break - phew....

Well, the phone and email correspondence has been busy, family and friends calling.  This is a lovely time of the year to 'natter' (not a birds)
and have as the Brits say "have a chin wag"!!

Stories around the fire and a little 'smile' as humans call it.  I will have a warm dish of MILK!

Snack Size
We have many blessings to be thankful for (chicken, turkey, catnip, a warm place to sleep and a residence groomer and if you are lucky a "Lady in Waiting)!

Countess Von Whippet

MY young countess Whippet friend said "Always leave a little room, push yourself away from the table when full".....

MY Auntie Ness loves these
Have a wonderful Christmas MY darlings, peace, joy and much now and tuck those paws in for a good-night sleep.  

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