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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Roomates 201 - Feels Like Home

Hello MY Darlings!

Welcome the this weeks advise blog.

I decided to continue the subject of Room mates as with most ...the relationship shifts like a pendulum or tidal waves. As with personalities having characteristics of their own.

The very best advise is: patience, humour and leverage LOL.

Cats have varying degrees of alpha traits where one alpha female (may...I say may in tongue and cheek.....) may give way to the alpha male if she choses.  This can be said of humans too, that is why they call them "Diva and Divo".  The Italians had to think of it first (laughing hysterically)!!

As with any relationship it is often tested depending on the weather, mood, feeding time or stresses from the day. Or in my case running my kingdom and looking after the staff, upstairs and downstairs.

Once the transition of the relationship takes on a comfort zone, their more tolerance, ("not being on tender hooks" as humans say) ease and less assertive commands of putting your foot down for position for territorial space. LOL More sharing as in the delightful afternoon tea we as recently. 
Testing the Waters

Sharing is a bit part of the commitment of sharing (with cats we agree to help ourselves to each others water or food bowl).

Sharing is easier if you just relax!!

Well sometimes you might not like it due to territorial rights...however you begin to live with it .....much like human brothers and sisters!  It takes a lot for me to share my Spider Plant well, having "Sr. Sammy" is a lot cheaper than hiring a flock of sheep to keep it cut down (ha ha)!!
I am quite sure dear fans you have a lot to say on this and we welcome your comments on this subject. We love to hear from you as it makes us PURR!!!

Well MY Darling there you have it!

Another fine day!
One last word take care of each other, enjoy life and look for that sunshine gleaming in your window each day!!

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