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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Room mates 301 - Yours Mine and MINE

Hello MY Darlings!

In the continuing saga about room mates, I thought speak on the aspects of  'food sharing'. 

After all (don't you agree) this is not unlike human children and sibling rivalry (giggling with paw on hip).

Being the ultimate Diva of my kingdom and calling all the shots, it can be quite surprising when your own food gets stolen (right under the hands of the lady in does that happen (looking peeved...I ask you)!!!.

Knight Chambers
I've had lots of practice (mirror..mirror....on..the wall....) watching those British epic Edwardian drama series  'Downton 'Drama Queen' for another. Sr. Sammy has been out on patrol duty for most of the night (I heard him come in around 3 a.m. The familiar ring tone of his bell on his collar is like distinctive paw print).  So I let him sleep in. 
My morning started off with usual, routine of warm milk, stretches, ablutions,  going though my agenda with my PR person and organizing staff, making sure we are all on MY page.

No question "Alpha" is best

I heard the familiar dinner gong (well my stomach usually let me know before then -- LOL).  Ah yes....perhaps  "Pheasant Under Glass or (Paw)". With anchovies an an appetizer??? (lips smacks, tongue moves from side to side like a pendulum in purfect rhythm). Not like those humans with unpredictable wind screen wipers -- ah ha that is where the word "intermittent" was developed on purpose

Knight delights - feast NOT famine!
 MY food had been carefully prepared just to my liking, I was called away to deal with a minor matter.   
(Sr. tummy is rumbling.....Well, after being on a grueling patrol over rugged terrain and not much food I was starving.) No filed mice to be had.
Safe in the castle ....I had to grab anything I could.....I didn't see a name...however I DO SEE...the feeding station has a noble mat??  

My "Giddy Aunt" my food is 'Lady in Waiting' didn't see anything......????

The "Royal We" is not AMUSED
Well, the mystery has to be resolved (with a wry smile)....ummm let see if  "two can play this came"...
Opps...caught  "after the fact"
(Queen...thinks) intuitive whiskers quivering....Eureka.....I feel a Sherlock Holmes idea coming on. Body language, posturing....that's it...all will be revealed.

I will do the "Royal Diva"
and make my rounds......

Diva Queen gets the spoils

One has to simply know where to look ......."a sprat to cat a mackerel"  (small expenditure made, or a small risk taken, in the hope of a large or significant gain, recorded from the mid 19th century). 

Besides which, I order the food stores anyway LOL (wink wink)!!

Well MY Darlings......

Be sure to drop in for....more tails about 'Roomies'
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