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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Friday File: Going Incognito - or How I Escaped the Wardrobe Mistress!

Well Hello MY Darlings!

Welcome to the Friday Files!

If you have stumbled upon this, or just grabbed a bowl of milk, or decided to escape from your've come to the RIGHT PLACE.

Five minutes to myself: Theatre Life is so DEMANDING!

Rest your PAWS travel into the TARDIS,

(escape, escape...) to the worm hole, rabbit hole, wardrobe or in the Church they call it 'Rood Screen'.

Incognito Strategy

In the Theater the prop department simply calls it "THE SCREEN"! Darlings...don't kid yourself; we know "privacy screens" aren't all that they are cracked up to be. You don't even get time to practice a decent ARIA!!

Be aware of the of the "Dreaded Wardrobe Mistress".

I call her the Wicked Wicked Witch:
YOU are under MY SPELL!

Everyone knows the power SHE wields.  Like Betty Davis, an intellect with cunning resources. She WILL  hunt you down like Sherlock Holmes, THINKS before you do!

I even got on the catline to my cousin "Sammy" a master of disguise in his own right (said "I can't compete with her, I'm at loose PAWS")!

Now you would think, with ALL years of training I could out smart her; out scream her, out wit her..or does she know me too well? is a bit like this:

Does this sound familiar: 

"Human Mummy says, kids leave me alone for a moment, kids aren't paying me enough attention".

MY Secretary says “Diva it’s dinner time, come and get it” Diva mutters in cat whisper...(where is the mute button for for that grating cutter voice).. Is there NO PEACE!?

I'll make myself invisible
Sush: Don't give away the PAWS
The Wardrobe Mistress says: "Diva stop being a Drama Queen! If your costume is tight shouldn't have eaten that plateful of sardines last night…I warned YOU”.   

 Diva replies “Oh leave me alone, I just want to hide”.

Hints for being effective at INCOGNITO:  

  1. When trying not to be found out, DON'T STICK your paws BELOW the wooden screen;
  2. Make sure you EAT so your stomach doesn't rumble a freight train!
  3. Any voluntary body twitching from dreaming..... WILL result as a dead giveaway;
  4. Get the prop department to build a drop stairway so you can ESCAPE like Houdini;
  5. Use your understudy and bribe him or her as necessary! 
  6. Make sure the Wardrobe Mistress isn't reading Houdini before YOU! 

                                                       Remember: be one PAW head !
A GREAT Diva can outsmart them ALL

Remember to follow me........

If you missed my TRIP TO VIENNA here it is     city-to-city-vienna.html


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  2. When all else fails, Diva, take a bow and exit stage left! JP

  3. Dear Anonymous: ^..^. Thank you for your comment, I will tuck that under MY PAWS!
    Another alternative would be to have a 'twin or stand-in handy'. PAWS FOR RELIEF!