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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Special Report: Please be kind to all Animals- A devotion to "DUNDAS"

Please BE KIND to Animals!
Hello MY Darlings!

As I sat looking outside my urban window, I was just lapping some cool water before the summer humidity rolled in.

Across my desk, MY "Secretary" alerted me to read a "Notice of Adoption" regarding "Dundas".   As the story unfolded, I was very moved.  Read on:

 Toronto Downtown Hospital writes:
"Earlier today we got a phone call from a visitor to Toronto who saw a car pull up to the intersection at Dundas and University only to throw a kitten out the car door. She called us and we gave her directions to bring the kitty here. After examination and x-rays, Dr Steede noted that his leg is shattered beyond repair and will need a leg amputation.

While we can't begin to question how someone would do this to a beautiful kitten we are glad that a saint was there to help save his life"

Toronto Downtown Hospital - "Dundas" Kitten.   (LOOK AT THIS CUTE VIDEO, left hand side).

Humans please put the 'humane' back into HUMANE!  I know MY readers will be shocked at the lack of compassion and cruelty to "Dundas" Shame, shame! 

Thankfully, he is in good PAWS now (he must have 'cat angels around him ^..^)!


PLEASE have your humans report ANY cruelty, REMEMBER WE CAN'T SPEAK FOR CAN!

I love my team at Toronto Downtown Animal Hospital and MY special "Mum" who makes my world complete with LOVE AND DEVOTION! 

Thank you to Toronto Downtown for the inspiration today.......... this special blog is a devotion to "Dundas".  Get well SOON...a lion in the making!  ^..^!

My DARLINGS, it's now time for my 'CAT NIP'  (oh meant to say.......C  A T.....N A P) 

^..^ !  Remember to visit MY blog page....purrs, face washing allowed ...make yourself at home......

MY humour is FREE.......^..^!

***Get your regular check ups with your Veterinarians**

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