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Monday, January 9, 2017

Newsletter 1: Welcoming the New Year and Comfy Cats



Wash your whiskers and paws......come and see my new friends!!

How were your Christmas CELEBRATIONS?   

I have some new friends!  Come along and meet them!   I found them peeping out of my Christmas stocking with some catnip!  

Is it a Bird, a Plane or Comfort Cat Teddies?

They are the best they listen, you can share secrets, they are easy to train!!
What is your favorite colour, stripe or no stripe, kitten, young cat, or adult cat.

Lots of Friends for ME
I had so many friends visit it was wonderful, they are soft and cozy
and are house trained, make wonderful guests.   My human loves read to her her children,  I observed they had made themselves very comfortable either side of the the delight of the human child!  It wasn't long before I too found a spot on the foot of the bed...and purred myself to sleep.

Oh who is the odd one out - there is a clown in every Pride of Lions!

My human must be very busy, for I was hunting after midnight and found
there were more friends that had arrived...I didn't even hear the door bell ring! LOL. (Another secret....sush....She has a favorite author J. P. McLean, while I have been hunting during the night she has been reading past 3 a.m.   My human said 'I can't put the book down, it's so good filled with suspense and intrigue') Link to here:

Good feline friends (Domestic Short Hair) ...come in all shapes and sizes...colours and .they are cheeky too like me.  Dogs do too....and make me laugh....!!!
and come with a pinch of attitude...that what gives them character!!!!!

Ok, OK.....I will share the SECRET with you...................guess where you can find them. If you ASK or PURR nicely, you might even get a 'hand knitted shawl too'.  Now if they only made it BIG ENOUGH for ME.      I guess I will have to PURR and smiles sweetly.........

Need a pillow buddy....perfect for bedtime reading!


and HERE:

See you NEXT TIME - -Keep those PAWS clean, WHISKERS whipped, and PURR as loud as you can...especially when your HUMAN is SLEEPING - lol

I've got my Cat Buddy - where's yours???

See you next time back here:


  1. Jennae and I love my new kitty friends , thank you

    1. Dear Auntie Virginia, I am so thrilled that you and Jennae are enjoying. You can never have enough friends! My mum likes them too for bedtime reading! Cali

  2. Sweet! Glad you and your mom both got something special for Christmas.