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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day - Boxing Day

Hello MY Darlings!

Well, it has been a flurry of activity the past few days!!!

Christmas and Boxing day have tumbled like a moss gathering
hugging a stone!!!! LOL.

The activities of going to bed in the wee hours of the morning
have given way CURLING ON MY BED AT 11:00 P.M. A gentle bowing stretch, a warm bowl of milk - slips into magic world 'cat dreams'!!

The flurry of flying wrapping paper, monitoring kitchen staff and cooking
into a mode of 'R E L A X A T I O N'.


I guarded the kitchen today, in ANTICIPATION of the "Free Range Organic Chicken".  No matter what I did to try and get her attention, MY human staff ignored me.

 I  was beside myself with the OVERPOWERING smells: chicken, sage and onion, carrots, asparagus (MY favorite).  I had to let of steam - so I ran around getting dizzy!!!!  I thought my nose would explode!!!!! LOL

Organic Free Range Chicken: I didn't have to capture!

Finally, plates heaped with morsels were carried to the table (I sat poised ready to HEAP, displaying stealth and agility).      
Organic Catnip Mouse

Oh my I can hardly contain myself!!!!!

A little play time waiting for MY Christmas dinner and the unwrapping of gifts provided lots of MEOWS of D E L I G H T!!

Wrapped in a moment of JOY
 Oh my, OH MY,  intoxicating aroma of catnip -- has my senses in a frenzy...............(eyes rolling, mouth drooling - ??? Someone is laughing at me)????

Well, I hear a 'winter storm is brewing"....I'm tucking PAWS in for the EVENING, CURL UP AND WATCH A MOVIE!

MY DARLINGS.......&^..^%


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We are gearing up for NEW YEARS EVE!!!!  Bring out the bagpipes!!!!!!!

PARTIE ON...................M E O W!!!!!

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