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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Diva: Cat Optics - Purrspectve

Looking at TWO sides of the coin
 Hello MY  Darlings

Optics is the topic of the week in my featured blog.

I have been learning about this recently on the 'home front'.  Sometimes one has to take their OWN advice when it comes knocking at your door!  Its a bit like splitting yourself in two (ha ha).

Yes, Optics is the KEY

Let me THINK ABOUT that!

Professionally, its often easier said than done (smirking)!

With counselling the optics and the lens is sharp, objective
without any distractions (well that is the aim isn't)?
 I'm quite sure animal psychologists and behaviourists have their own issues too as do humans!

Ok I think I've got it covered
In the human world, they have Dr. Phil and Dr. Joyce Brothers.

I have been learning about many interesting topics:
> Interpersonal relationships - cats;
> The dynamics and challenges of personality types in the feline world;
> Trust and tolerance;
> Dealing with the mind games (intelligence) and clever antics of "Mr. Sammy".

Sammy: I have an OPTICAL MOUSE
Safeguard against poor purrspective, or ruffled whiskers!. A chit-chat, seeking the wisdom of another cat or colleague.  To be shared over a warm dish of milk (not catnip - for this muddles the when humans drink too much ...wink wink).

I love to walk beside the Lake or go to the country to 'clear the cobwebs of distraction'.  
Ness and Blue

Tarpan Horses: Their OWN humour

This brought to mind my experience with them in 2003 in Wales. Full of character. .

Well, MY Darlings  when it is all said and done. There are times when you simply have to rely on your CAT intuition.. enjoy the quality of life. Let the optics TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.
The way I see it ...(stretching, smirking) meow!

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