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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Diva Days/Daze - Pawsing for Me

  Hello MY Darlings!     We hope all your energetic kittens are enjoying the Spring weather in Toronto!

  I was reflecting momentarily on my own memories growing up in my urban city.

(Bonk)......A huge male seagull, skidded to a halt on my window sill. (Waking up from my DAZE).  Screeching, letting the world know he was there!

  Stretching, turning around I got myself into position for a long morning nap.

    In my practice I tell my human and feline patients to take a "Diva Daze".  Oh I have spelt it that way to get your attention!!!!     

 Do this!  One day a week take a 'me day' as humans call it!  Sleep, socialize, paw over the newspaper, read a book, do nothing! Curl up in a canvas shopping bag and sleep till your hearts content!

Some humans GET IT RIGHT!

Liquid -gold

Felines, stop chasing the mice; running up and down the sofa; chewing on plants and playing in the soil.

PAWS for Effect
Sweet enough to TASTE
Dogs, stop chasing your tails; standing on your head to get attention; or sitting with the frisbee waiting for the human to take you out.Chill-out and relaxxxxx.

The Portal Hutch - where I dream and get ideas for blogs!

Find interesting places to go, or hide.  Escape, celebrate rest and relaxation!! Haven't YOU earned it after ALL.   

The time you take to connect with yourself will be amazing! We all know from research the value it can bring psychologically. 

Your human can be your best friend, we all need that break!
ME time!!!!!

Use a "Paw print" image on your doggie or cat calender and pencil in ME time...
 ONE A WEEK... MY advise for this week!!!1

Do it now, Darlings!
Penciling some ME TIME

See you soon.................................


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  2. As I was talking to my Secretary the system crashed? She reminded me of her need to take 5 when I can be demanding so she can preform well. ^./.^; We love to have your comments! It makes us PURR!