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Friday, June 20, 2014

PAW Prints: Imprinting on Human and Pet Lives

Pawtraits: Leaving an Impression
  • Hello My Darlings:
I have just been away on an extended trip.  This time it was for family reasons, my twin sibling Jenni has passed away after a lengthy illness.  Although we lives in different cities, we were so connected often using our 'cat intuition'.  I received lots of emails on this matter, so I thought I would write a gentle post.

I know this topic doesn't come up very often, in human and cat culture we don't often speak comfortably about death; passing, moving on into "Cat Heaven". Here we can discuss these matters, this is is a safe place we call cat sanctuary.

Cats and humans are not unlike, all of us leave a "paw prints" when we are born.... imprinting on our relationships, this continues as we journey along the road map of life.  Babies and kittens are born, they grow in body, size and develop into wonderful companions we call family.  The "Paw Prints" become memories, photo's, video's stored in our hearts for eternity...this I share from PURSONAL experience.  I'm sure you have your own.

Making a connection!!
The cycle of life is rich, with many journeys shared with humans, animals alike. We are inextricably 'connected' from the moments we meet through 'adoption', 'birth' the bonding begins at a very early age. We call this 'chemistry', the bonding begins the relationship is formed often for a long time.

Always remembering!!

Losing a loved one is very difficult, painful, as deep as any physical wound (I have counselled many human and cat parents on this matter).  Time is often the best healer.

Health in both human and the animal communities can be affected by age and disease, the best we can do is to reply on our Veterinary and Physicians for their advice and quality of care.

Aspects of Imprinting : Human    and Feline                                     
Cat Prints

Human Foot Print

Here is a list of steps to help with the grieving process (there is no right or wrong in this):
1). Recognize that 'grief' is real, honour the mourning stage, recognizing it is both emotional and physical;
2) Veterinarians ,Humans physicians and Clergy can provide - bereavement counselling. Thank you various clergy and to Downtown Animal Hospital  and Eden Counselling for their invaluable help and advise 
 3) Seek support from 'other furry friends'  and 'humans';

4) Be kind to yourself during this time;
5) There is often a need to fill the broken heart, to fill in that space that is missing;
6) Express yourself the best way you can: Do something creative as you move though the process: write, listen to music, you will know at the time;
7) Honour your beloved "pet"  that is appropriate for you;
8) Everyone will will have their own way of coping and moving on
9) Fill your heart with memories;
10) Time is the best healer

A great friend of mine J.P. McLean well known Canadian author sent me a note, which is a lovely thought:
"Pets when they die take a little piece of us when they go; this is so that THEY can find US

Other resources

We know that there is often that unspoken 'connection'
intuition that animals and humans often share.


We hope these resources will help you (thank you to my intern "Cali" for her assistance in using her young paws in gathering this information).

Kalamazoo (Cali) Intern at Large

Do remember the connection, the imprint of paws that each
one of us carries with us from the time we are born. Whether feline, canine or human the leave their signature where ever they have been in the world, city, shall dwell especially that place we call home.

 See you next time on the Diva Paws.....


  1. this was the best post yet , I miss my little dog Lady she is in heaven as of her 14th birthday May 29th,and you have helped me make it through the pain of her being gone, thank you.

  2. Hi Virginia,
    I am so pleased you found this so helpful. We are never completely alone, in these situations for our 'true friends' are always there, through the hills and valleys of life.
    My deepest condolences to you on beloved "Lady". I am quite sure my 'twin' and her will be sharing many conversations in heaven and playing together. Thank you for writing, and if you have any suggestions for blog...please continue to write. We have to have you ^..^!

  3. How touching and profound. Such deep insight. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the intern posts and will miss Miss Jenni. Paw prints do leave deep imprints in our heart and soul.

  4. Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for your kind remarks. This is why we do what we do!
    Being a 'pet parent' over the years, often causes us to reflect upon the simple and unconditional love so given by God. Our intuition and connectedness often goes well beyond simple communication. Kittens are fascinating creatures and like children, it's marvellous to see them develop. If there is a topic you like to have covered please write to us..we always love to hear. ^..^.!

  5. Wonderful post, Diva! Keep posting these wonderful articles...

  6. ^..^! You have us purring Nina, thank you so much. It is comments like your that keeps feline inspiration going. It's all about staying in the MUSE and enveloping and deepening that wonderful bond we have with our pet children...they teach us so much...^..^! You are welcome at anytime to make suggestions for articles, soon we shall have reached the milestone of 100. Time for a party!!!

  7. You are one of the most compassionate people I know, Vanessa. I learn so much from your posts. As always, thanks for sharing.

  8. Dear JP. This was one of the most 'challenging and thought provoking'. Thank you, however I must hold the 'candle of light' to those pet companions who inspire and teach us each and every day. Our intern "Cali" when she get her 'sea legs' (if she ever slows down to think). I'm sure will have a lot to say, especially from a kittens perspective. You yourself are a great teacher and author who continue to inspire that that write and drift in and out of that creative muse.

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  10. Thank you for sharing Adeel. We hope you enjoyed our post too.