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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday File: Who Said the Show has to Go ON at the VETS

Well hello MY Darlings!

I've been away mousing....nice to be back!

Welcome to 'The Friday File" what a purfect day.
I've decided to take a cat nap and let my faithful Secretary click away at the computer!

There have been a lot of emails flying into my 'in box' this week.  The subject of behavior issues.
                                                              (Reading through, this......tickled my whiskers to no end).

Oh yes, as a practitioner I see a quite a cross-section of 'personalities' in my practice, I'm sure the Veterinarians say the same (LOL).  Feline, canine, or humans all have certain characteristics that defines: who they are, that goes with the territory.  I've selected a email,  I shall call her "Vanessa" her true name has been protected to save the innocent!

"Dear Counsellor" can you address the issue of 'Diva' personality how to deal her at the Vets?
Well WHAT?

Here is her story:

"Vanessa writes: My calico cat is a Diva in her own right, even as a kitten she knew who she was. With her purfect airs and graces were clear  at a tender age.  "Jenn, Jenn" was no exception.  We took her to her annual exam at the Veterinarians.  There she is known as "Little Lady" (obviously they don't know her THAT WELL). 

Over the years I've developed keen sense of intuition to help me read  through her, that doesn't always work.  I gave Jenn, jenn my faithful companion several syringes of water to aid the process along (otherwise she would cross her paws an ignore me).

Stop Staring: I haven't done anything yet!
All the technicians know her and games she gets up to! (Vanessa often wanted to hid under the benches in the waiting room with and red face)!  The procedure was to extract a urine sample..simply routine ...right?  "Jenn, Jenn" had her own ideas, in destroying the 'sterile field'.  As an actress in her own right...she is quite manipulative! Intuitively, sitting in the waiting room Vanessa thought - I hope this isn't a repeat performance?.

Performance time! The technicians with had soft voices working quietly.  Time to get into the ACT! All was in order for the moment. With no fanfare announced 'Jenn jenn' tinkled on the table! She was even purring in defiance!

The chirping of the phone distracted Vanessa from the Pet magazines she was reading.  "We have to now wait for hours to get another sample echoed the receptionist. (Rolling her eyes to the ceiling and shaking her head). Pet parent responded.
"Oh I see was the reply, can you give her syringes of water again, please".

Well the clock moves very slowly at the Vets or any medical office when you ARE WAITING!

Jenn, Jenn was very nonchalant, deciding to fall asleep!!!  The minutes rolled into hours, 1, 2 and 3. at the precise cat moment 9.45 p.m.  This was the third hour! The technician was able to extract the sample".   Just another day at the Vets!

I Got YOU - Show Time

The phrase "Patience is Virtue" understood by a cat or dog. Seasoned Dog Handlers or Obedience trainers will tell you!

Well, well, well, that is quite the story (I'm sure gentle readers you can relate to that). (Washes face, while thinking)!


Clearly, we have seen some typical "Diva traits" here.  As pet parents, there is often little you can do....when trying to predict feline or canine behavior.

Even with ALL the careful measures with TLC (tender love and care). 

Take this recipe with you equal measure:
1> Spoonful of love, with plenty of pinches of reassurance, praises, eye contact (whenever possible).  2>Take one glass of PATIENCE with a ounce of HUMILITY and LAUGHTER.   3>  A huge cup of tea for the pet parent upon returning home, and a dish of milk for the patient.
4. Stir with a spoon of EXPERIENCE for you never know it may end up in a blog page
and provide some entertainment for "Pet Parents" to share!

Ok...Lets go Home and EAT

Have a purfect weekend -- see you next time

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