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Saturday, June 15, 2013

City to City: Connecting with Friends

Hello MY Darlings,

Summer is the purrfect time to get away from it all!

The Beach - Toronto

The excitement fills the air and imagination drifts to cities, places and things far away!
Sir Knight bring home the treats from afar!

A place to dream, and visit old friends!

For those of you have read this far (take time out and watch the video, while I have a bowl of milk):
Thank you to my friend Alexandru for providing this Romanian video
(:Romania, cele mai frumoase imagini)

Portsmouth, Southern England

Milk break:  patient window just opened up

My practice is busy, demanding, fulfilling often requiring a PAWS - TIME OUT!!!.

Travelling and visiting friends has always been of great interest to me, the best way to escape!.

You know I don't mince my CAT LANGUAGE.....Humans, feline and canines LISTEN -UP! Always make time to get away from it all!   NO EXCUSES, do it now! 
Solitude:   Morffa Niffin - Wales
East Anglia: Minsmere

Diva's YOU need to take their own advise. So DO I.

 Planning begins on my favorite :"PAWS for ADVICE notebook.

Every writer needs several of those, plenty of PAWS FOR THOUGHT:

In this blog I invite humans, felines and canines to tell me about your favorite city, and share your reflections in a sentence
  1.Grab your THINKING CAPS, get your notebooks out and PAWS FOR thought,

 and WRITE!

                 2.Include your City  and why it is special to YOU, in the COMMENT SECTION of this blog page.  A round of "A PLAWS" goes to YOU.

                 3. Share the blog with your friend and connect!

This DIVA - got it right!
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Happy travelling and connecting, see you next time!!

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  1. Vienna , Austria is my FAVOURITE city. So much romance and creativity abounds! Nice parks to stroll in, castles to visit, museums, museums and more museums full of inspiring art!

    1. Dear SK, thank you for your find comments. Diva shares your enthusiasm and interest in Vienna and Austria, the heart culture and delicious Konditorei. Did you know it is the German word for a p√Ętisserie and confectionery shop? (Washing whiskers ^..^! sounds like a blog brewing or is that coffee?

  2. 1 just love to get your comments, don't forget to write as it makes me PURR! :^..^:

  3. Diva, you are such a lucky feline to be able to taste tidbits from around the world. I'm afraid I'll just have to travel vicariously through you. But, should you ever find yourself on the west coast, I'd be happy to share a salmon. You'd like salmon! JPMcLean

    1. Dear JPMcLean,
      We are so thrilled to be in the presence of a wonderful author! Your poetic words, tickle my whiskers with imagination ......(PAWS 4 EFFECT)....

      I linger for a moment in anticipation of some BC smoked salmon; a little blush of pink champagne! We love to share &^..^& and make new friends! n'est–ce pas?