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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Outtakes in Port Credit

The brilliant sunshine, peered into my window like the smile of a kitten.  I stretched the sleep from my body like a poised ballerina.  I washed my whiskers. My sleeping human snored loudly as usual. 

Out of arms reach, I sat looking into the bedroom watching her body respond to my attention seeking behavior.  I bellowed in tones that would be deafening to most humans, but then again MY human wasn’t a morning person!

Today, I was going on a trip I had been waiting for all summer.  My aunt would be arriving soon to escort us to a place called Port Credit.  I inhaled my breakfast, bolting down the kibble.  So quickly it made me cough. Looking from side-to-side glancing for MY human. In the distance, a dull roar broke the silence ‘Diva, slow down, you’ll be sick if you eat your food too quickly, remember yesterday morning’?  I replied, ya, ya, tell me another haven’t you figured it out …I’m always RIGHT! 

Suddenly, the familiar sound of the phone rang, ‘toorerp, toorerp, (sounding like a cricket with it's head stuck in a bowl of water)!  Beaming from ear to ear...Aunt had arrived, a Germanic woman with a lovely charismatic smile.  

The humans greeted each other with smiles. I gave them my Cheshire grin!  I sat in the back seat, with paws hanging over the open window. Fresh fishy air tickled nose and whiskers. The aroma caused my stomach to grumble even though I was full. Cats generally have an innate olfactory heightened sense of smell. Of course I'm different thanks to my hybrid genes (calico and tabby). 


Steps away from the Lake

Traffic was slow as we passed the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition); the air show was gearing up. Get me out of here! I could hear the roar of the jet overhead; I never did like loud noises even as a kitten. I began day dreaming of flying and catching the seagulls with my paws…..drifting I fell into a ‘cat nap’.

I heard the soft whisper of ‘Diva, are you awake, get up, we have arrived. 

Get your paws together we are going to have some fish for lunch’.  With one eye open, I began washing my face.  Stretching, I stood up on the back seat looking out the back window.  Water, water! We had arrived at the quaint town... humans in summer clothing, strolling. The cooler air, had given way to the ‘dog days of summer’. 
No work was done on Labour Day, for humans got to play that day.   Humans had collected like a penguin colony around the patio anticipating feeding time.  Wafts of grilled salmon filled my nose and tickled my whiskers. I wanted to capture it like a butterfly net, savoring the moment.   I jumped onto the chair and wriggled excitedly.  I caught MY human, shifting her gaze for a moment glaring at me.  “Diva, settle, settle”.  Well, hadn’t I heard that before?  I simply ignored her and turned around in my seat with my back to her. I knew that annoyed her,;will that be 1, 2 or 3-noying today?  I employed the ‘selective listening pose’ with ears flat back.  I gazed looking at the seagulls dancing in the air...if they get close I can grab one.  A nice entrée or snack with my fish. 

My imagination took me into another place, when I heard the melodious accordion player: he was tall with an burly Eastern European build, and a lovely lyrical accent to match. For a moment I thought I was in France with my friend Toulouse!
Our eyes met, they twinkled as he spoke of memories of his homeland The joyous sound of “Knick, knack, paddy whack …..Give a dog a bone” added a playful ambience to the surroundings. How about changing the lyrics to “Knick, knack give the DIVA MORE FISH”…that’s more like it!!!

For a moment, I was dashing about chasing a young brown squirrel, the tempo was perfect! Gleeful, I began to tap out the rhythm with my paws.  Strolling along the boardwalks was my friend Toulouse Le Trek   I couldn't believe my eyes....I forgot all about my pray. "Well hello little Mademoiselle, join me in an Espresso"? he asked in that delightful French-accented meow.

My humans were chatting about travel, restaurants and Paris.   The accordion player was sure attracting a large following!!  Chirping seagulls gave a loud applause, requesting an encore.  

Toulouse Le Trek the Cool Cat
We ran off like scolded the coffee bar to catch up with my friend. Suddenly from the distance, I heard"'Diva, where are you???" Toulouse and I joined the humans, we drifted off into lulled conversation.   The day was wonderful. I heard my humans whispering to each other "well, Diva is enjoying herself now a chance for us to catch up. We must do this again before the summer is over." Toulouse's IPhone, beeped and then with a wide eyed grin nodded with "Another story I must investigate". Purring inside, I knew somehow we'd meet again.

I felt my mouth form into a smile (I looked up…they were doing the same…….funny how humans smiles are like cats expressions)?  We must have rubbed off on them…….cats can teach HUMANS many things. It simply takes time to train them to your will.  Yawning....I drifted again in and out of sleep.  This had been quite the DIVA DAY!

Wel, my DARLINGS - time for a snooze!!!

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