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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Books - The Cat's Meow

Hello MY Darlings!

After a busy day at my office counselling clients, I love to simply curl up with a catnip beverage and a 'good book'.   I keep a well stocked library and preferred reading list on my IPHONE.

As I have a broad range of eclectic books. I often love to delve into the universe of imagination, that's the 'cat's meow'.  Recently, I have stepped into the new arena of audio books! A new genre for me. I've always loved the smell of paper and feel of books. However, I find that my eyes get weary of late. So I simply plug in and listen instead...allowing the eyes to rest.

I was introduced through a friend to Nina Munteanu, well-known author, coach, teacher and scientist.  Her new audio book is awesome,
New SF Thriller Audio Book at IAMBIK
Available at IAMBIK
 A genius of metaphor! Dawn Harvey the actress is stellar!  Each night I am transported, drifting into a whole other universe.  Outer Diverse is part of an  SF trilogy about Rhea Hawke a Galactic Guardian who is on a mission to find out why a religious sect died (spell binding and cool).  Perhaps there is a family have to find out.......

Complete with a lemon-twist you will be riding on the tail of a comet.  Woo hoo!

I can hardly keep my whiskers quiet, wriggling with excitement.    Can't wait for the next book!

Treat yourself and let your imagination take you to new heights in the universe.!!

See you next time MY DARLINGS!  Happy reading!


  1. Wonderful, Diva! You are so erudite and cultured! I had no idea you enjoyed the literature of the fantastic... :)

    Look for the second book in the trilogy to come out end of this year or early next year. Hope you enjoy... in the meantime, enjoy Dawn's impeccable rendition of the audiobook of Outer Diverse. Thanks so much for posting this for others to see. :)

    Best Wishes,

  2. Dear SF Girl, thank you "Darling" for you splendid comments. As with most feline's 'still waters run very deep'. Yes, I have quite the reading list to get through (phew)...I suspect another night reading under the blankets (sush - don't tell my human)!!

    I have heard my human (laughing) and enjoying Dawn Harvey's audio book at IAMBIK. I am alway happy to support the literary and culture world which is the best gift of all. To ourselves and to each other.