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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Doog Days of Summer August 2016 - Be Cool Like Me.

Doog....Days of Summer - Aug 2016

Hello Kitten's, Puppies, Humans (excuse me while I PAWS and Stretch):

How COOL I am ...well you know me, I'm always that way.... LOL!!!   Be Cool and reelax...!

No seriously............(just keep those paws very still...and read this)....

Make sure you bother your human parental for a fresh bowl of water in this the "Doog Days of Summer".  You can rattle and flick water all over the floor!!!  It's a heat wave out there.  Did you know in Southern Ontario, it's as hot as the tropics!

Phew it's all I can do but sit here and look out of my perch.  Peering at those  those crazy gulls flying's as dopey as a human running this heat for the sake of 'exercise'.   Look at the friends behind me (Boppie is just standing there as if 'frozen in time'  LOL.   I had better give her a little bit to see if she will's ok we 'ruff house' all time.

Seagull or Pigeon Pie Anyone?
I'm really lucky here lounging in the air conditioning, my pet parent has put the ceiling fan on, and ice cubes in my water bowl.  I have been nibbling at my dry cat food (chicken, duck) ....thinking in my head of the havoc I can do later on....(hunting time midnight).

That is when I drive my pet parent crazy....cause she wants to go to know....that's when the PAWS Party starts!!!!   I have all the soft rubber balls all over the house, so I can run from room to room creating havoc wherever I go! LOL.

I'm still Cute...don't you Think!  

Never put your 'toys all in one basket', keep those 'huuman guessing' then you have purrfect control!

My pet parent thinks I am eating all the while...I'm 'thinking .    (Smirking....pretending to wash paws and face....) . Now if only I could find a way to grab my the other dishes from the pantry and fill them with water.....then put them on the ceiling fan.   Turn it off, then my parent turns it on she will get soaking when....sure beats the 'sprinkler' effect that you see kids running through.

All for MEEEEE!!!!

Write back to us and tell us what your summer has been like, how you BEAT THE HEAT.

If you do, I will get my pet parent to make you a cat nip pillow, first 5 people to respond please!

Leave your comments in the 'Comment Box' .

Next blog: find out what created to keep my parent awake..................  

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